Learn how to Create and Setup Paypal Business Account

how ti setup paypal business accountHow to Create and Setup Paypal Business Account

In this session I’ll be covering in more detail how to setup, your PayPal account

and how to set it up correctly .

You can get paid  the first thing -you want to do is create an

account by putting sign up in the top right-hand “corner that you have

two options.

You have a persona,l account and -business account as a what you want

to do Create and Setup Paypal Business Account .

If you want to check the second option business account and :click continue now

if you already have a PayPal, account .

All you’ll need to do is Click login and simply upgrade your personal account into

a business account next “what you want to do is go down to the bottom .

Simply select the standard account, which is the free account, after selecting the standard account

what you want to do is wait .

Enter your email address to make sure that you putting in a valid email address, if you get

your email notifications to process from PayPal .

To put in a good email address ,and then below that you just simply enter the verification code

and click next to just simply create a password- make sure it’s a password that you can remember .

paypal business account multi user access

I do suggest writing down your password “once you select the password below there

you will simply enter your name .

Your first name and your last name and then your your -business name if you don’t have a

business just simply enter your first your first and: your last name and your phone number .

Paypal business account benefits

Then below that your address and -your ZIP code after work be sure to review the terms and conditions

and click agree and continue next .

I’ll take you to the tell us about your business page once you’re on that page on what you

want to select is the first one which is individual sole proprietorship.

Now under the business category you will select Services – other and then under under their subs Tacori

you’ll select the computer and data processing Services .


Below that now you’ll select your– monthly earnings okay now if you working this hard time on

what you want to do is Select be under $4,999 .

If you working this full-time I do suggest that you select 5000 and above not below that will

ask you if you have a website and then close it if you’re in the process of building.

A website or will building building the site for you I would -suggest that you should like to know because

you’re in the process of getting the website .

Paypal business account vs personal account

It didn’t you just select continue to move to the next page okay now that we’re on the next page

here you will enter you simply enter your, employee ID number .

Your social and this is for tax purposes -and your date of birth and then when she do that she go

down to the bottom and click submit grades .

paypal business account monthly fees

Now what you want to do is stroll up” to the top and click tools after clicking tools you want to

click PayPal button after selecting :PayPal button then to the mall to the right you want to click create

new button after that ,Setup A Paypal Donate Button

You’ll see a drop down and you’ll simply selected by now for your button type ,

and then below that where it says item name will enter the item name which is email software for

slash ad copy membership arrive and then below that it says prize $25 isn’t .

Business account Paypal customer service

This what you making her an email that you process and came after that simply make no other changes Paypal Loan Free

you just stroll down to the bottom and click create -button okay once you create the button ,

you have two options  Create and Setup Paypal Business Account you have a website

time and you have an email staff, that you creating your- website either do we clear webs .

paypal business account loan

How do you do that you just stroll up to the top- to select profile in the US play the business set up Add A WordPress site PayPal Donation Button

the next thing you want to do is confirm your email -after confirming your email down.

Below that it says link your bank account okay that’s where you can actually link your bank account especially

if you’re doing direct deposit .

You have the option of direct deposit ,I’ll call it direct deposit transfer you -have the option of check

if you want to receive a check or you know most people go down below there.

Paypal business account link to personal bank account

Where it says get the PayPal business debit Mastercard most people like that option at this time to process

your email and get paid instantly- right to your debit card and it shows up right then instantly the

same thing ,

Then with that said that’s pretty much the you know the bulk of it you can also add the debit card .

If you if you have a debit or credit card that you liked it too and the pain how do suggest that you do

that and that’s also in the in the setup you can just go straight up at the top and just select profile settings.

Off to the left to let update card and that’s where you can add your email address that debit card

to your PayPal account  well that’s all folks again congratulations welcome to the team

Learn how to Create and Setup Paypal Business Account

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