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common mistakes and confusing words in english

Today’s lesson is a very common grammar and vocabulary mistake this is a mistake that both ESL students and native English speakers make we are going to look at the words a lot a lot a lot and lots and also one more¬†correct vocabulary mistake?¬† that’s not in the title a whole lot ok so i hope you get a whole lot from this lesson.
Let’s begin I’m first we’re going to cover the word a lot and notice that all of these words have the same pronunciation I just different spelling .

Vocabulary errors in writing

A lot a lot is the same thing as a large number of it can mean many much so it just means a big number it can also mean often, but we’ll get to that in a second let’s look at the first sentence I have furniture so if I have a large number of furniture great a lot.

I have a lot furniture is this correct there’s something I’m missing oh now this is one of the major mistakes ESL students make they always forget the of with a lot so when you have a noun like furniture or books you need this so remember a lot of something .

Now the word furniture is what is called an uncountable noun so this means we never have an S at the end of furniture it’s never miniatures it’s always furniture whether you have a lot or a little it’s always furniture so it whereas book is a countable noun you look we have an s on any time we use a lot we need to pluralize if it’s a countable mountain.

Common mistakes in English grammar

I have a lot of cats, so it just means a big number now the second way we use a lot is after a verb so in this case, we are describing the verb to have a sentence .

I swim a lot this just means i often swim so in this case the word a lot really just means often i often read I drink tea often i paint well not often but i would like to paint more so I’d like to paint often i’d like to paint a lot so one thing that you can also do is we have the word here a lot a whole lot and lots how do these words come into our whole equation let’s first start with; a lot now in this case a lot it might look like this but in this case there’s a space here .

I and with this a lot there’s no space a lot of people; accidentally right this way right I have a lot this is always wrong there always has to be a space here if you don’t see the space this is definitely incorrect now we also have the word a whole lot a whole lot all; we’ve done is we’ve taken a lot and in the middle we’ve added the word whole a whole lot just gives a greater emphasis to something so whereas before I have a lot of furnitures.

if I say I have a whole lot of furniture that means even more so it’s just a way to emphasize that you have you have a lot a very big emphasis on a lot i have a whole lot cats that are not true I’m not a cat lady but I have a whole lot of my network so that these are just some examples for a whole lot we can also use it with a verb I swim a lot means I often swim I swim a whole lot means.

common errors in english usage

Common errors in english usage

I swim very often so again it’s just used for emphasis and finally lots so on a lot of the England comments I get I’m asked about once you look to use sorry when to use lots and when to use a lot, so the truth is these words mean the same thing;it’s just lots is in formal wear as a lot is a little bit more formal so you can use either the Lots is again informal, so in this example I have a lot of furnitures it’s also ok bye say lots again I need out that.

Lots of furniture they mean the same thing I have a lot of books i have lots of books so again it means the exact same thing just a little bit informal and remember just like a lot if you have a noun following it you need up so this is something do not forget .

I better not see this mistake in your comments keep this in mind lots of ok so next we are going to explain the word a lot so this is our verb a lot so it’s pronounced the exact same way again as what we just looked at but notice the spelling this is one word so there’s no space and we have 2 L’s instead of one so to a lot again it’s a verb”

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means to assign divide or distribute so what do I mean by a sign divide or distribute well let’s go through some examples to make this a little clearer so my first example; this means i have seven pieces of candy or seven pieces of chocolate how do i” divide it up or sorry she has seven pieces of chocolate how does she divided up while she gives five pieces of chocolate to you and she gives two pieces of chocolate to me so think about dividing how do you split things up how do you distribute things who gets what this is what we mean by a lot in my second example.

I a lot most of my time to teaching English so I’m in a day there are 24 hours how do you a lot your time maybe you a lot eight hours to sleep a lot of people think that maybe you only a lot 5 hours maybe you a lot eight hours to working in some countries they a lot maybe 10 hours to working so in this case we’re talking about the way we divide or a sign or distribute our time so that’s what the word a lot mean in this case with Double.

Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to do some practice questions to see if you really you really notice the difference between a lots; and a whole lot so I can’t have here beside me a list of questions now you’ll notice that each question has a blank so what I want us to do together is to solve these questions.

Errors in english grammar for competitive exams

take a moment after each-each question after i read it to try to solve it yourself now the answer is either going to be a lot a lot a lot lots and if you want a whole lot for some of these questions there are multiple answers which means I maybe you can use a lot and lots there are different ways to be correct with the question so let’s get started the number one .

I have blank of things to do today because I do you think it’s a lot a lot a lot a lot the; answer is a lot those of you who said lots that’s also correct and we could have also said a whole lot notice there’s no as here so three, possible answers for this question I have a wat lots a whole lot main thing to remember as well regardless of which one you choose we need of a number too so it first sorry for number one it was not a lot or a, lot with no space number two.

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I need two more money to my bills which one do you think it is I need two more money to my bills in this case there’s only one correct answer a lot in this case it’s the verb I need to a lot more money to my bills meaning .

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I have a lot of money or maybe not a lot but I have some money and some of my money has to be divided towards my bills while other money” I used for other things: it’s dividing your money up you need to put more money towards your bills okay number three each speaker was ten minutes each speaker was ten minutes so what do you think it is each speaker; was allotted ten minutes so again the verb a lot so each speaker was a lot of 10 minutes means out of all the time they had for maybe a presentation or event they distributed the time up among all the speakers.

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