Content Marketing With (Hero SEO Strategy) Latest Update Edition

Are you know content marketing?”
Well, when you publish case study style content on your site, you want to embody one of two personas. One is the “Hero” persona. The other is the “Mentor” persona.

These as much as you’d like.

  • Both work equally well. But in my experience, most bloggers overlook the potential of generating tons of traffic, links and social shares using The Mentor persona. And that’s what The Hero Formula is all about.

In the Trademark Technique which we talked about earlier in this Module,  you’re the Hero With the
Trademark Technique, you’re in the spotlight. You ’re the Hero.

You’re Luke Skywalker. But with The Hero Formula, you step out of the spotlight.
The wise veteran that helps someone else achieve success. With The Hero Formula, someone else is the hero. You’re the mentor figure. The mastermind.


Example: Ecommerce SEO Case Study: White Hat Link Building Without Any Content In this Hero Formula Case Study, I showed people how Christopher built seven contextual backlinks to an e-commerce site.



The thing is, these results weren’t 100% via his own work. He used one of my Trademark Techniques —
The Moving Man Method — to achieve these results. Even though I wasn’t The Hero (Chris was), this post was a huge hit  20,000  unique visitors and positioned me as an expert.

Hero SEO Strategy
Make no mistake:Being Yoda has some serious perks.

  • First, your expert positioning skyrockets. It’s one thing for YOU to get results. But when you can show people that you’ve helped other people achieve the results they desire, you look like a world-Class expert. Next, you get to tell a great story.
  • You already know that Storytelling is a powerful Share Trigger. Well The Hero Formula gives you an opportunity to tell a GREAT story that sticks in people’s minds I’ll show you exactly how to tell this story later in the lesson.

Finally, you have a post with extremely high Utility. After all, what could be more useful than a case study of someone getting results? With that, let’s take The Hero Formula Step -by- step.

     Step #Find Results That You’ve Helped Someone

Else GetYour first step is to identify someone you’ve helped. It could be a client, a customer, a friend, a colleague, a business partner. The “who” doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that someone achieved tangible results…and you helped  them along the way.
For example, if you’re a personal trainer, did you help a busy mom lose 8 lbs.?

  1. If so, that’s PERFECT for The Hero Formula If you’re a business coach, did you help a small business owner set up their  first Facebook page? If so, that’s PERFECT for The Hero Formula If you run a marketing agency, did you help a client get 10 more email  subscribers per month?

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If so, that’s PERFECT for The Hero Formula As you’ve probably noticed, these results aren’t mind – blowing. As I mentioned in the Trademark Technique lesson, that’s actually a good thing.
Moderate results are best because they’re more believable and relatable.
Example: Ecommerce SEO Case Study– In this Hero Formula case study, Chris only generated a total of 7 backlinks.  And because so his site was brand new, those seven backlinks didn’t do a whole lot in terms of rankings and trafic.
Despite that, the case study was a huge hit because his results were something that people could relate to.

  • You might be wondering:have a client or customer that got any results? What  should I do?”


  • No worries. If you don’t have anyone you can show off as your Hero yet, you  can proactively find them.

Top SEO strategy for your site
For example, when someone emails you about an issue their having, offer to  help  they solve it for free) in exchange for a write-up on your blog. Or when someone asks a question about your Trademark Technique, offer to  walk them through the process (for free.
#In fact, this is how I found my Heroes for some of my Hero Formula case studies. I found people that needed help executing my strategies, lent them a  hand, and wrote the results as a Hero Formula case study.

Step #Map Out How Your Hero Achieved Those Results

Once you’ve identified your Hero -and how you helped them  it’s time to  start breaking the process down into bite sized pieces.
If your Hero used your Trademark Technique to get results, great. Then you already have the steps laid out. If not, that’s OK too.

  1. Just go back and identify the steps that took your Hero from point A to point B. And remember: no step is too small or insignificant. For example, let’s say that your Hero is the busy mom that lost 8 pounds. On the surface, the steps in her journey may look something like:
  2. Made appointment with personal trainer In reality, her steps probably looked something like this:
    Got sick of her jeans not fitting as well as they used to Tried home DVD program…but couldn’t stick to it Asked her sister for a recommendation. She recommended you.Made appointment with you.

Went to the appointment and went over her goals and current diet. After analyzing her diet, you recommended cutting out soda. She agreed.You also gave her a sheet with her workout plan. You decided on hip hop dance because that’s what she enjoyed.
She started going to her dance classes and replacing soda with water. You followed up with her via email to make sure she was staying on track and attending her classes.

  • After 3-weeks, she lots 8 pounds. See the difference? The flushed- out steps provide A LOT more value to people than the short and sweet version. They also tell a more compelling  story more on that later.

Example: Ecommerce SEO Case Study: White Hat Link Building Without Any  Content- Because Chris used my Moving Man Method Trademark Technique, I already knew what steps he followed.

Search engine Optimization2017 strategy
However, I grilled him on all the details:

“Was  there a tool you used that I  don’t know about? Was there a twist in the process that you invented along the way?

  • It turns out that the answer was “yes” to both of those questions. Chris used a tool to find outdated resources that I’d never heard of before. He also searched for the resource in Google to find mentions that didn’t show up in ahrefs.

Step #Create Your Hero Formula Live Case Study

Finally, it’s time to take the info you gathered in steps 1 and 2 and turn it into  a killer post.
Here’s exactly how to do that, step- by -step.
Let’s start at the top with your title.
Your title follows the same formula as the Trademark Technique title: A specific benefit- A number Specific timeline Let’s quickly recap:

  • First, you need the specific benefit that your Hero achieved. Example: Viral Marketing Case Study: How a Brand New Blog Generated  17,584 Visitors In One Day In the case of this Hero Formula Power Page, the benefit was the visitors a  brand new blog received.


  • If you were writing about the busy mom, the benefit would be the weight she lost, the sizes she dropped or that she lost a certain amount of body fat. Next, the number.
  • To maximize credibility, you need to include a number that qu Antifies the benefit your Hero got. In my example, the number “17,584.”

Quantified how much my hero (Chris) received. The busy mom’s number could be “8 pounds” or “2 dress sizes”.  Finally, you need the timeline. Losing 8 pounds is nice. But if it took 10-months, then it’s MUCH less impressive.
(In Chris’s Hero Case study, his timeline was “one day”. The busy mom’s  would be “3-weeks”.
Next up, you need an intro. Just like with your Trademark Technique, you want to be VERY careful about burying the lead. Remember:)

Step #Viral Marketing Case study

The Skyscraper Technique to generate 17,584 unique visitors to a brand new  blog.” You also want to include a “save the cat moment” in your introduction.

What is a “save the cat moment”?

  • I first learned about this storytelling device from the screenwriting classic, Save The Cat.
    A “Save the cat moment” is a technique move screenwriters use to make the protagonist of a movie more likable and relatable. For example, the protagonist might be walking home, see a cat stuck in a tree, and help the cat down.

Or maybe he’s walking down the street on a rainy night, and a car drives by, splashing a puddle of water all over him. And you want to have a small Save the Cat moment in your intro. Something that frames your Hero as relatable.

SEO hero strategy latest
(Example: Viral Marketing Case Study: How a Brand New Blog Generated 17,584 Visitors In One Day After framing the story with a direct explanation of what the case study is  about (“Today I’m going to show you how one entrepreneur used.)


This way, my Hero is more relatable.

  • No one wants to read about how a millionaire made his second million. The story of the first million is always more interesting.

Next, you want a section that I call “Meet the Hero”. You want your Meet the Hero section to have three Quick introduction of your Hero-Outline of the problem they had before they got your help One more Save The Cat Moment.

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