6 Most Common Mistakes of Google AdWords Advertising

adwords express promo codeBlow $10,000 on Google have at one time or another every

internet marketer ,has been completely baffled by Google AdWords .

No doubt we’ve all heard horror stories: of companies

that have lost thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars

with mistakes of Google AdWords Advertising account .

But we’ve also heard success stories of companies like mint.Com

reviews that works to take their companies two completely

different levels what separates: these two groups.

We’ve pinpointed 6 specific mistakes that companies use when

managing their AdWords account and in this two part video series .

Top deadly mistakes of google adwords

I’m going to share this with you and show you how to avoid them

let’s take one of the biggest mistakes made by people new to Google Ad-words is using.

Wrong type of phrase match Ad Words allows you to add keyword

phrases in one of three ways exact match broad match .

Mistakes of Google AdWords Advertising

Phrase match up with one of these words are used where in the search

regardless of the water .

adwords keyword planner

If you’re using the keyword Nike running shoes your ad will be

displayed in any service that includes, those three words crazy word means

that the keyword phrase -need to show up in order to are Nike running shoes.

Search phrase needs to appear in that order Nike first running

second shoes they’re all together they can be a part of a longer search phrases.

Google adwords better results

As long as those three words are there and in that order last in exact match keyword

means just that only those keywords: and that phrase and nothing else has to be included.

In the search no ;extra words or phrases may be attended before or after  why

does all of this matter it matters, a great deal because the type of matching Pitbull affect

your overall impression or regular for instance .

If you use a bad match “so many more people will actually see your ad

but your conversion rates are: generally be lower because a good deal the people that see it.

adwords fundamentals practice exam

Will generally be less, interested in what you’re selling to larger

audience LS conversions on the flip side .

Conversion rate averages by industry

You have an exact match and Fries match you have the much more precise

audience increasing your conversion rate .

The likelihood that people clicking through with interested in what

you have to offer a good conservative approach to take is that start with an exact phrase.

Maps pinpoint exactly what your customers are looking for and then eventually

open it up potentially:mistakes of Google AdWords Advertising  to broadband

using a common mistakes people make.

Based on your ad copy everything sad that this is that when you search

you want to see relevant have to do this you need to match your keywords.

fundamentals exam answers 2017

Your head cop this will decrease your cost-per-click and increase your ranking

was looking an example Walmart sells several different products.

adwords conversion tracking

Just in electronics they sell laptops desktops- tablets MP3 players that

they didn’t break up their products into different groups and they wouldn’t be

able to show specific, ads based on what people are searching for him.

But they do so when you do a -search for iPod I get a specifically targeted

ad from Walmart looking directly to a page where I can buy exactly :

What I’m searching for what they do this by grouping their heads together

another mistake people make is not using negative keywords and negative keyword

is the ability, to not show your ad when certain keyword phrases are tight.

For instance let’s say you run an e-commerce site that sells designer

women shoes you don’t want your ass to show up when women are searching

for mistakes of Google AdWords Advertising running shoes .

Adwords dynamic keyword insertion

You can tell Google do not -show my ass when somebody has the word running

in their search term that’s what a negative key word .

Let’s jump in and I’m sure you had to find out the best negative keywords

to add into your Google AdWords account :

with Google analytics click on the Pocket Edition and then had words.

Then go to the match search queries next click on query max type and then

either broad match for phrase :managed to do the exact word for his people

are searching for and which ones aren’t converting.

keyword performance report

But once you find phrases that are converting take a look to see if the negative keywords

can be added to eliminate the key word from your campaign.

there you have it three of the six most common ways that people follow

their ad Budget on Google analytics next week I’ll show you the bottle.

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