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The Santa Claus is sick, and you are the only person who can deliver gifts in time. Now come behind the reins of his sled and fly over the city, and then points to the houses and the gifts fall punctually.

The arrow keys control the slide, and you have pressed the space bar to release the gifts (you can also use the mouse). Remember that X marksĀ Christmas crisis at mistletoe mesa the place where you should target. You should also avoid the airplanes in the air as if struck life.

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To pass the level you have to maintain with an accuracy of 70%. Otherwise, the game will automatically terminate. Each level adds to more houses that make the game more challenging as you go.

Are you one of more than 10,000 volunteers who help more than 4,000 homeless people this Christmas? We need people with unique skills (such as dentists, hairdressers, truck drivers and interpreters) and an army of volunteers willing generals.

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I had belonged to friends, the crisis voluntarily for Christmas was a fantastic project that supports men and homeless women annually.
With the backing of more than 10,000 volunteers, unwelcome guests can enjoy hot food, a shower, a haircut, clean clothes and repair centers. You can also access services that include general medical care, a dentist, and physiotherapy.

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Most people who sign for the crisis-Christmas volunteers are typically a minimum of two shifts of eight hours. Volunteers and their instructions are taken by experienced volunteers known as key volunteers.
Then there are the activities, entertainment and community volunteers. You can choose from arts and crafts classes, dance and fitness sessions, conferences on various topics or animated karaoke sessions and more.
We arrived promptly at the beginning of our tour 15 hours and were signed at the front desk, and we presented our plates. The central location changes every year – this time it was housed in a former office building, which is to be demolished.

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Thanks for the enthusiasm and creativity of the first volunteers, the building was transformed into a damaged spot in a warm and welcoming place, full of vibrant colored murals conference on safety and health that involved in counseling, dealing with used needles, we found a review that day of services and an approximate schedule.
After a short visit to the sleeping area, activity areas, a cafeteria and dining room, we have to work on clothes donations.

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A call for volunteers earlier this week led to an increase in overdue contributions that had to be classified all and discreetly distributed to needy customers who was logistically and emotionally difficult.

While there is a good supply of jackets, shirts, and T-shirts, we realized that it was not enough shoes to meet slippers and boots demand.
But some were popular backpacks and sleeping bags. In addition to apparel donations, volunteers have also been brought to bring snacks victims encouraged into coffee.
At eight clock we make a break and, with all customers and volunteers received a nutritious meal in the dining room, also prepared by volunteers.

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After he stationed the area for the exchange to monitor and has a long and interesting conversation with a guest had made about the next a chair. He seemed relaxed and happy after a week of grooming and was very positive about his time with the crisis.
Other volunteers played games with the guests and pointed gently towards the advisory services offered.
We were instructed to dress casually, and as such, there were times when the only way to know who was a volunteer was to find an identity badge.

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It soon became apparent from the area of the signs that we encountered that homelessness can happen to almost everyone. It was good to hear some of the volunteers that had improved so many former clients, whose situation were that they wanted to support others.

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