How to Make an autoblog in WordPress

wordpres automatic posting

We all know how amazing it is when it comes to creating, your site. Managing your content but- that doesn’t mean it isn’t without its flaws sure you can pick from a number :of plugins and templates. But what about …

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what is a widget ? (WordPress)

what is a widget on pinterest

Today talk about it what is a widget  In wordpress let’s go into it right now . when I first started with WordPress there were pressed -is sort of kind of simple to use, but I got confused -between what …

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How To Use WordPress 4.6 To Desire

newspaper 4.6 wordpress theme

we  talk about the latest update to How To Use WordPress 4.6 . After update is made possible by a great team of contributors over 272 of them led by Dominic Shilling . WordPress  team to develop a 4.6 version …

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