what is difference WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org?

what is differnce In wordpress.com in 2017

If you’re thinking of creating a website with WordPress you’re likely noticing to very similar-looking; options wordpress.com and wordpress.org you may not realize it now but these two things are actually very different despite both being called WordPress and knowing …

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What is Difference Blogger vs. WordPress?

squarespace pros and cons

Security number of the co-founders of Blog gets today I’m going to tell you guys all about the difference between blogger and WordPress org basically this; is just a review video and I’m going to tell you know there are …

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How to Set WordPress Discussion Settings

how to make a wordpress site private

Discussion setting screen set options for managing displayed comments and links to your posting pages and settings for comment spam the default article settings are proposed notifications when this box is checked; notify are paying any other sites WordPress discussion …

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