How to add the Headings Element In WordPress
This tutorial is about our headings element heading to why it’s an awesome wave enhance the heading title ;with its super cool features we have demonstrated some of the features here right now you’re looking at the demo page on which: Header image WordPress we have tried all the variations that you can do using… (0 comment)

How to Add Custom Font Icons in WordPress
I conform manager in ultimate addons that are going through the models I’ll be covering: if you have a look at the index page we have Add custom font icons in WordPress many models that I’m going to cover in this video now let’s start with the first part what is I conforms manager. I… (0 comment)

How to Use Events Manager WordPress Plugin
I log into the back into your website once you’re in you’re in the dashboard go to events and add event you can also go up here at the top and pull down new ad in the event start where was easy street I anyway go in adamant give your events manager WordPress Plugin a… (0 comment)