How To Get Free unlimited Domain Name For 1 Year
Today will guide you how to get a free unlimited Domain domain name, and that’s hundred percent free . for one year and how many TVs available along with talking dog net.Org Don’t mean exactly and for strength – freedom and then you’ll need some pretty positive that you be at the hot spot you like… (0 comment)

Download Sahifa v5.5.8 Responsive WordPress Theme latest
Get Sahifa v5.5.8 Responsive WordPress Theme free .This theme have many advanced SEO function and also friendly  for ad sense  user.You can use this with also some manual setting like logo and theme widget and social share icon. lasted shifa theme also have modern style color ad sense code place and appearance with some own plugin.You… (0 comment)

How to Remove the Powered by WordPress Footer Links
Remove the Powered by wordpress website footer link. Recently, one of our readers asked if it was possible to remove credit link footer on WordPress any theme. We will show you how to remove links below the WordPress page in its topics. The default WordPress themes of the foot section of the page with the… (0 comment)

Redirected you too many times.Fix Solution in WordPress
Redirected you too many times. is common problem for any website.Run a website hosted on has many advantages, but sometimes errors can irritate easily repairable beginners. Recently, a user has been redirecting our attention to the error “Too many WordPress. There is a common problem that users are giving WordPress. How to correct the… (0 comment)

Fix Error briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance check back in a minute
Do you face briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. check back in a minute in wordpress??? WordPress has added support for automatic updates in version 3.7 that can update to WordPress minor versions. A common problem shared WordPress upgrade hosting is the upgrade process may fail to leave your site in maintenance and inaccessible mode……. (…How… (0 comment)

What is WordPress? learn Complete A to Z Introduction
Let’s Start With Basics-More About WordPress tell you  Basics of the WordPress system. If you know what you will be using to create your will be easier to follow my instructions The website, it. What is WordPress? Management system, also they describe themselves as a state of the art publishing platform with a focus on… (0 comment)