SSL/ TLS HTTPS process explained in 6 minutes
welcome to this presentation about SSL/TLC  HTTPS process encryption authentication process we encounter SL / TLS every day only for example to our online banking we see in the address bar of our browser the log I can and also of the HTTPS which is indicating that this connection is secure.We just see that this… (0 comment)

What are certificates?
What is a certificate? Certificates are used for security and identification, but how do they work? This video looks at what is a certificate and how they are used to secure communication and prove identity. First of all, what is a certificate? A certificate is simply a file or an electronic document that contains data… (0 comment)

Implement a sticky navigation using jQuery quick tips
Start Pets Plus quick tip on my Jeep dealer in today’s quick tip I’m going to show: you how to create some pretty cool sticky and have bars now. I’m sure you seen this around- and more modern website where you scroll down: the page the nav bar that was typically just a regular one… (0 comment)