Blue Hosting (2017) Reviews:Why This is Perfect Choice For all Experts

web hosting reviewsAre Your Worry About Hosting?

This is my Bluehost review and i’m just going to give you a quick review of the services that Bluehost offers.


Let’s get right into it I’m just gonna show you guys around the control panel and show you what Bluehost has to offer now the first thing that I like about Bluehost is the fact that they’re panel is very clean and crispier.

If you’re new to designing websites or using hosting accounts then this might just look like a mesh of all these icons that you don’t know what to do with that’s fine that’s how I started and I still don’t know most of it but there’s a few key features that.

1.Blue hosting high rating in 2017 with low down size

i want you guys to pay attention to so first off it’s very easy to navigate that’s just something simple.


  • But if you want to look at email features website FTP installing scripts on your site or just a panel it’s very easy to find is nicely labeled let’s see.


  • You got instant one-click installs of WordPress and Weebly which are going to be CMS is that most people usually use you get all these themed templates page speed grader.


  • Just in case you want to see if your speed is performing well logos and graphics plugins and extensions everything you need there for your website along with email.

bluehosting reviews 2017


If you currently have something like Mail Chimp or a Weber you don’t necessarily need this as this already comes with the autoresponder system.

2.Best WordPress hosting with unlimited space

You can use that something that you’d paid twenty-seven dollars a month for this comes with Host gator which is amazing and also another thing that is you can have unlimited emails accounts on here so let’s see domain manager.

  • Just in case you want to do any add-on domains here since i have the basic plan i get up to 25 add-on domains so that’s perfect that’s a that’s what you’d call a shared hosting now let’s see what else your DNS CloudFlare this is a big one right here.

Cloud for their to get free security lock on your site so an SSL or HTTPS ,this i highly recommend you check out it is a cloud-based service so any visitor to your site passes through their server first and what it does is it blocks out any malicious content speeds up your site.

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#Domain Registration Low Cost

It’s just a really good authority ranking for Google so Google actually take that into account for ranking your site higher file manager so a big one to pay attention to is the site backup pro .


  • I’m not totally sure but i think you yeah you need to upgrade to that but they still offer it regardless step stats .
  • You get a great analytics here aw stats is like really in-depth and it will give you information about who’s coming to your site where they’re coming from and what keywords are typing into get there.


You can see everything about like their IP and the best times to post content and everything like that now if we scroll down a little bit further here these are just upgrades obviously SL i wouldn’t recommend doing this because you can get a free one anyways from cloud play she’s sweet weekly constant contact is just a bunch of upgrades that.

best hosting reviews blue host

4.Best VPS provider With perfect timing for all user

You can do obviously let’s see here PPC services so another great thing here is you get a hundred dollars instantly for signing up free for words for google and you also give fifty dollars for one themes immediately.


When you’re new to this you’re probably going to be using a theme and these themes the nicer ones will cost money.


There you go you get free premium theme which is great security so you got SiteLock SL once again and I just hotl inking protection database tools.

This is just if you’re into messing around with the database I don’t know that stuff.


  • I’m not going to talk about it and then they get pre-made script so you can use Ruby on Rails PHP any of that.
  • If you want to check those out and the script center see you can customize your error pages.
  • The 404 if someone goes to a site or a page on your site and that that they typed in the wrong URL or there’s a broken link you can customize that page to redirect them to other parts of your website server status .


The great thing that I’m gonna mention before i forget about Bluehost is that they have their they maintain their own data centers unlike a lot of hosts.

blue hosting coupon

5.Easy to transfer domain from Blue hosting to any other hosting

  • You can check out many hosts that don’t have their own data centers who will outsource them and a lot of times.
  • They’ll actually outsource to bluehost because they have extremely powerful fast servers that rarely go down and they can handle a lot of volume.


  • This is why i choose glucose because it’s also very cheap at the same time they get these are a couple partners here these are just trusted sites one that I specifically uses odessa it’s actually got bought out and change.


  • It’s not called desk anymore it’s called up work but you can hire people out designers website speed optimizer if that’s even a word virtual assistants everything from that site preferences and last thing i want to point out free webinars.

6.Best live chat support
If you’re looking at kind of cheap unknown host than finding information on how to use them might be quite limited so blue hosts is connected with Mojo marketplace.

This is just a marketplace where you can download a bunch of different digital products as you can see you got WordPress one click installs Joomla which is also very popular Drupal all these powerful CMS systems as you scroll down you can see it just pretty much contains everything .


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