Best Way To Promote Clickbank Products

Today one of the methods that i use for Clickbank only in future videos I will share with you ‘how I advertised a CPA products also if you don’t already know about ClickBank its countless videos here on YouTube to walk you through’

what clip back is all about and how you could you liked this method and you’ll be able to use it to help promote Clickbank products .You can make some money. Also i do this while still working a nine-to-

five this is not my full-time job this is something of a hobby best way to promote Clickbank products for me that makes me money but I actually like doing it so I’m challenged with you guys the method that I use .

best ways to promote product

Best selling clickbank products

I’ve already gone ahead and found a product to promote so this is the product we’re going to be promote promoting today excuse me I’m going to do photography jobs’ online get paid to take photos and you could do this using a regular camera or your cell phone and this-this website is going to show you how to promote your pictures and get paid for doing it and when’ I do make a sale from advertising this product i get seventy-

five percent off our sales from here and that’s it adds up after a while so let’s take to click on here and see what this website is about and if ‘you know it’s a good already went through this but I just want you to see ok, so it’s loading .

I’m sorry it’s kind of slow I have to clean my arm my computer to speed it up just be with me- I am so sorry to come on load k taking forever to load the I’m not going to edit this video or anything oh that’s not right this side can be reached.

Promote products for money

I was just there ok let’s refresh and see what’s going on ok so here we are so this is the website, and it’s an it’s a pretty good looking website it; tells you all of the points right here and it also has a video letting you know exactly what you get when you join, and they also have live online support; and even if you’re not sure as a bayou if you want to stick with this website you have a 7-day trial to get your money back see this website has been seen and all of these I’m sure you recognize some of these are links I’m sure you do because i showed you MSNBC Yahoo news;

intrapreneur . Com and if you scroll down here we have a sales page that tells you more about it so if when the person comes in here and clicks on the link that I’m promoting they have the sales pitch here to answer most of the questions because ;

you as an affiliate will not be able to answer all these questions and you see these are all the countries that its support. This is a very good product to promote so what I would do now after i go through this page.

clickbank products for sale

Advertise and promote products online

I will look for an affiliate link because these websites actually give you affiliate links to promote so i will click down here which I’ve already done I don’t want to; take too long for it to load so I’ll come over here. We’re here it has opened and this right here is the affiliate page which would be”

you of course you know marketing this website and you get our materials on ;here to help you promote the website this would be your link right here to place where ever you want to and then what you would do you replace this “your ID with your Clickbank affiliate ID that me to make sure that you are the one that’s getting you’re getting paid for promoting this site now I’ve already decided well mostly on this side you could do a little bit better with the links that they’re giving us to promote they’re giving us all only banners there are websites that;

will give you email “swipes you could get arm you know when you put that being ads there were some websites will give you adds to put on Bing ads or google ads or whatever.

those websites i like but actually like this product and the method I’m going to show you today has to do with the banner ads so that’s why I chose this one to go with it and actually think this is really going to sell so like i said ;i’m going to show you what what I do so now i have to open up another browser because this product only works on certain browsers which for instance Mozilla Firefox is one of the bird browsers that it worked on so what I do is. I use bulk mailer,

Best clickbank products to promote

and bulk mailer will send your-your ad out to over 2.3 million mailers on a daily basis the only catch to this is that –

you could only male armed 12 hours apart so if you mail at six pm today you can’t mail again until six pm-6 a.m. i’m sorry 6am tomorrow so that’s the only thing so you just have to make sure you stay on top of it and get in here every day and post an ad so let me show you how to go and so now i’m on the main page you see home I have to get into members- and going and login and again a computer is slow as soon as I’m finished making this video I will go ahead and clean it because.

make money with clickbank products

I’ve been on it a lot, and I need to get in there and clean it up folks I’m sorry don’t click away from the video I’m showing you something good I already have my username and password and click on login ok he says my name welcome to do bulk;

mailer send mail to click on that and then in the subject line you want to write a catchy headline so what I’m going to do I’m going to jump right back over here on to the affiliates paid so even though ;it’s only giving me arm all these is only given me banners I’m going to copy one of the headlines from one of these banners and paste it in let me see.

Who owns clickbank

This sounds good make two hundred and fifty dollars a day from your camera work at home get started today I don’t think all of this is going to fit so I’m just gonna take this first part that says make two hundred and fifty dollars a day from your camera; i come back over here.

Two hundred and fifty dollars a day am e come on trying to be fancy cm re what happened see em er -E and it won’t allow you to put any explanation or question “marks or anything like that so this is fine right here so make a hundred and fifty dollars a day from your camera let me just tap the first letters of each word from your camera now what you do you come down here and you’re going to jump back over and grab the HTML code from the affiliates page so let me see which banner would .I like to use it would be nice if you use a big one so it was a pretty much you don’t;

want it too big and you don’t want it too small now I think this is too large because remember these are going to people’s email addresses each day so let me pick a nice one MZ that’s pretty cute baby flowers okay that’s about the same thing.

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