2017 Best Keyword Research Practices Technique

Do you want keyword reasearch for your blogs?

I will share you very amazing method for keyword search with people mind and high CPC.

Every one know if you can search a good keyword for posting then you can not get traffic user friendly from search engine or any network like social,facebook etc.

(Always try to search for user not for google if you read all user mind then you will get easy keyword………

2017 Best Keyword Research Practices Technique

Now qustion that how i can search or read any user mind for keyword?

# Follow Step by step for keyword search for user

Keyword search strategy with Google Keyword planner: Every body realted Search engine Optimization(SEO) think that keyword search show google exact volume.

Are you sure?……..

  • I dont agree with you Google keyword planner show just realted adward compition and not show exact search volume………..Top Fundamentals of Market Research keyword
  • Every tools like Ahref or MOZ any other have own algorithm search so that reason every tool show differnce volume no one show you exact keyword search volume.

So what is next????? How to select perfect Domain For Any keyword Latest Edition

keyword research and analysis

I will discuss with you my own uniqe method for keyword search strategy.

#.. Forum discussion keyword search technique


You can select keyword and put into differnce forum like warrior forum or quora.

You can check here differnce keyword idea and copy.

Make a list all realted keyword ideas and use in post for googd ranking also good for user.

google keyword traffic tool

Now check all these keyword search volume.Also Search google search engine and get realted keyword idea for more accurate result.

Now next stage write a good 1000 word article with good SEO friendly images.

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