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Blogging is fun, is entertaining and addictive, but when you start a blog and try addicts to get blogging, you will find that there are many problems that we get we only know when we have a blog.

Blogging about all the time,  Faced Problem In Blogger and we are trying to help newcomers and established bloggers to help you blogging your career to the next level.

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From my introduction, I Shiwangi Peswani used a freelance writer to be and have been in this field for years. I made my first blog in party games kitchens, and there are about two years. Since I did not have the difficulties, usually when I started a new blog, I made lots of mistakes, and I thought to start a new one. I recently started a new blog with blog business plan, and for the last two months, I work hard on my blog growth and take it to the next level.

Now this post is devoted to all novice bloggers who have just started blogging or planning to get a blog; this personal email will help you to understand some of the problems that bumped into the early days of the blogging trip.

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I read a lot about the treatment of our blog as a business, so our goal is to make money. And I could no longer agree, and if you have a blog and your goal to win, start your blog as a serious matter deal with. This also includes adding dedication, professionalism and mixing it with enthusiasm and passion. Before sharing the common problems of blogging, I have faced, you need to listed below some of the articles to read you seriously to help a blog:
The first mistake I did was start a blog without having to worry about the subject and niche research.
The second mistake was too many messages and no promotion.
The third mistake I did was start a blog without addressing the audience.

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He was the first and most complicated thing I was confronted with my blog. I asked almost all my friends bloggers to select a niche blogs selection, but very honestly, all confused me even more of different niches. Every blogger suggests me a different niche and then decided to choose on my own based on my interests.

I love to celebrate and so a party games niche blog began. Here are some resources for getting started:
The Commission decided to take the next step; it would choose the domain name for my blog. Since I was a beginner, I do not think about the factors before thinking about the domain name of a blog. But now, according to blog last years,

I knew that the points that you should consider. There are few things that you should be careful about when you decide on the name of your blog.

First, avoid using your personal name. He would have gone to, but the name is good for the personal blog, but for a professional touch, you better not something personal. Here are some suggestions from my experience:

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Go to the .com domain extension. It’s always better than any other top-level domain area; you can use.
If possible, go for a unique name for the former: ShoutMeLoud, label and so on.
If you go with the keyword rich domain, make sure that you can easily pronounce and should not be shown that the domain name has just bought for the benefits of SEO.
No host your domain and in the same place hosting.
I always feel that there is more choice is more confusion. It was very difficult to go with a network in the number of them hosting. The main point of the confusion is that almost all web hosting companies offer the same features in almost the same price. Bluehost Hostgator Vs Vs Dreamhost, Oh my God, it was too difficult to decide. Finally,

I decided to buy Hostgator hosting.

How to find my blogspot
Now he knew how to use WordPress, but never explored. And if you host your own WordPress blog, you face many problems. Or if you just want to play in a WordPress blog and have no idea, you should read the guide read by Harsh WordPress, which will help every beginner to start with WordPress. Since then, I have chosen Hostgator, this guide on how to installWordpress and WordPress on Hostgator essential configuration, has helped me get fast on board.
When I finished with the niche and the URL, I used the next thing, which was always the theme and widgets in the blog.

I was totally confused about how to choose the theme for my blog. WordPress has an extensive collection of different themes and each topic has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is a beginner who does not want to spend my hard earned money to buy the theme for the blog and so began the trial and error method. After going through I have decided to have many themes and designs finally on one. Although I’ve changed several times after that, and that’s a big mistake Bigbie, then a perfect theme (Custom WordPress theme) and stick to it I highly recommend
Blogger When I first started the only way he knew how to make money with Adsense is Blog. Get AdSense approval was difficult, but even in this Adsense leadership helped me get started quickly. Once my Adsense has been approved, the main problem I’m facing is to use the bulletin board and how to generate AdSense ad codes and how to add it to my blog.

I saw some videos on youtube and helped me to understand how to generate ad codes, and then there are lots of Adsense supplements that helped me quickly add. After most of them tried and asked Blogger to use the Adsense Injection in my blog.

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How to search blogspot blogs

The problem is not finished yet, and I was afraid if one of my steps can violate the general terms and conditions of AdSense, Google blocked my AdSense account. Well, after a long investigation, discussing with friends and determination, I used my AdSense code in Adsense Injection and started my blog. There are many other good additions too; you can get to: WhytodoWork Adsense plugin is one of them.
As mentioned above,

one of my first mistakes was to promote my blog and not the last article. Since then, I was a freelance writer and had no information and experience to promote and blog time, taught me a lot about it. You can read this article on how to promote your blog and here are some other guides that can read and be useful. Here is a good slide that will be helpful:
As a freelance writer has always written keyword optimized articles, but when it comes to SEO blogging, is not the same. You must ensure that your blog keyword is not only optimized and must be personal. My way to learn SEO is not very difficult for any novice blogger, and some of the terms of SEO and usage will be very useful.

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