Basic Information-What is CSS?

what is nowrap cssThe I called CSS Basics  going to talk about ,

how to make your website a- beautiful joy to look at.

it was talking about –What is CSS what is it well write this down,

CSS stylesheet language uses for the presentation semantics

of a document -written in the markup language.

Like HTML somos specific, to our case he is just make sure was that

look like .

It does -that concept to look at some real life examples alright

homeboy take a look it up on the website- and then turn off their stuff .

what is css blog

We can get ,a better idea of what they actually do and why they’re so important

I was going to reach out here and turn off this style sheets while looking at apple.Com

known for its fancy lamps which appear to stop.

1.CSS in WordPress

Look at just woke up finally showing tweeners -love this one Facebook ,

We took your trash down she’s off ;

just like the others so you get mad and give the web just a style or history or you never

intended to find the style of a document in the- document just like we talked about.

However 3.2 specification presentation -or added things like Center

for fun no.

It was really nice to have some control- over the website website email document

and placed in a separate style document what is css on wordpress called CSS .

External style sheets enable -you to change the appearance and, layout of every

web page on a website just by: adding one single next week .

The different ways a test- can you read it and we talked about the way

it actually what is CSS .

Many of y’all are total beginners that watch my channel and sometimes you hear

about CSS and you’re not really sure what it does .

How it actually affects your -website so here it is CSS actually means a cascading

style sheet and what that -means is one file on your, website typically one main file

on your website .

Allows you to send the formatting and the layout the look if you will have- your website

right .

css hr style

Basically depicts -whether or not your links on your website let me slide this around

but they can shrink them down here it’s.

Whether or not you were things -are blue like this or what signs are what type of font

and what size font you to be using on your website.

2.What is after and before CSS

If they said that your H1 are you know this guy’s fault- which is maybe a $0.24

fine and that this size find here.

Would just be at 12 ito do” all that it’s also going to say how much padding or space

is in between each paragraph” .

It is basically affect every -bit of your website so it’s going to stay up here that

this is a blue color is going to be blue so the colors .

The Fonz and kind of padding or the layout and is one of the effects on your website

the reason why it’s.

Important is because if you ever wanted to’ change all of these blue rings to be maybe

we want to change about to read you can just go into one file and make that change ;

one particular line and every single page .

Your whole website this one file will- Cascade through your whole website and make that

ripple effect take place is continuously versus old school days .

We used to have to go every single page by itself right , if we wanted to change

this blue color link to be ready we will really have to go into every single page on our website .

what are css keys

Make that change you could spend your life to making these changes ,

it’s getting that he was super super super important to have whatever you’re using

WordPress you naturally have one life to give your dashboard area.

3.What is  stylesheet In CSS

Because your appearance area and -you have seen the editor ,

but the very first screen that you see here on the strength of download them

or even see this right here.

Just a style that says that is your style sheet -and you can see all existing very

long sheet music all- this fun stuff in here that affects the look of the feeling .

He might hear this stage one , whatever you set your head or tag on your page it’s silly .

What size font to be and as you go down through here :you can see that the author

is coded basically every element on your -website and giving it some sort of element to affected .

Whether it this way inline whether ,it has a margin- around it you can see if you

scroll down through here some other options this tells you .

what is important keyword in css

What what padding is going -to be around in the line height of it I just scrolled through

here and literally every single filing is affected here’s.

your post styling and what does look like there’s a color code of what color of the links

are going to be so all this fun stuff and here is how the other weird thing is that the look.

Feel to be and if you ever wanted to make- changes to those things this is one area

that you could come to to make ,those changes however you also want to remember that .

Whenever you go to update- your thing is this particular, file will more than likely

be overridden that its original default styling .

If you ever wanted to have some sort of customization happening

what’s called a custom CSS box right commuting options area or your customized area .

4.what is css certification

He might have a box that looks something like -this called custom CSS so if you ever

wanted to override a certain styling that your offer is done naturally .

The font color a pattern maybe, you want to hide a whole section of your website you can’t

figure out .

How to turn it off there’s a way to do that yourself -by doing a display none that’s a really

cool little stuff .

css navigation bar

He thought capability and you can just do that by coming [in here yourself. And and adding

that in this particular box.

If you have a custom CSS box will never be overwritten if you ever have to do-

an update for your for your team which is really really great: this is kind of cheating if a great weight.

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