How to Make an autoblog in WordPress

autoblogging for bloggerWe all know how amazing it is when it comes to creating, your site.

Managing your content but- that doesn’t mean it isn’t without its flaws

sure you can pick from a number :of plugins and templates.

But what about getting quickly -to what you said the sign up for

it in the first place autoblog you know what .

I’m talking about things like content creation promotion and money make”

it now if you’re a technical person like me.

it might take you a bit longer to get- all of the settings just right within your WordPress

site but if you’re not technically all .

I can say is you probably want to cancel all of your ,appointments

if you go to be customizing your settings on your WordPress site .

what am I talking about exactly well, when you’re setting up your side you

definitely want to make sure you have Google analytics,

integration privacy and legal X customization -of categories the correct parking structure .

autoblog blogspot

The creation of the Google XML sitemap, and that’s not even all of it you need to get your disclosure

policy your about us page and also your contact us page together.

As well and that’s still not all of his page Pizza in time then you’re wasting money .

what you need is a simple quick solution that will allow you- to set things up quickly


no hassle at all in the past having all of your settings in one place. Autoblog wordpress 

For your WordPress site was impossible, but not anymore- introducing WP hypership

the incredible WordPress plugin- that lets you manage all of his findings in a few clicks .

With awp Hyper chip, you can call yourself with only one click plus you can install and manage

all of your existing plug-in in one place with the smart one click does.

It all install the plug-in will truly save you time energy and -money and the best part it’s not

Technical and we really here let me show you.

How it works so, once you install WP hypershift on your WordPress blog and you go

to that option will see this room right here now you have a number of options that you can customize it.

Very quickly with WPI per share the same- time and keeping his video sure that .

I’m going to go through them very -briefly so you can change the default, category in every

fresh install and WordPress existing WordPress blogs from uncategorised to whatever you want.

This is my cooking blog so I’m going to change that to cooking and then

I can also if I wanted up to five additional categories so I’m going to have bacon .

How to Create an Autoblog in WordPress

I’ll add spices and I’ll have one more and I’ll have to beat you- or barbecue  and here’s one

thing that’s a must for my side and that’s changing the parking structure .

I like to choose custom structure and whenever the post name is  I’ll put that in

and then we’ll come down and delete the default hello world post and then from there .

2.Post Php Auto Post

We’ll change the tagline from Just another WordPress blog to the best cooking sites, around

here something is very important we- can choose to delete all of the links in the blog role.

which some say is the way that were president makes some of his money and

we can certainly add a new link .

If I want I can name that Baby Q grills and if I want I can put it to a webpage on my site

I’ll put that in and put this last week you or something that’s really great, we can

also choose to integrate with Google analytics and that way we can see all the website.

When it comes to block for the second time to keep those videos ,I want to go to the process

now but just know.

it is available- to you and Chris can help Google understand our- content better on our site

and we can also choose to manage our plug-ins by using this option here.

Best WordPress Autoblog Plugins

If we want we can close the background color like this and then, whatever we want to say right here

and also upload a custom fabric on that’s what you see in the top of the web browsers .

When you go to the particular site- like PayPal may, have one and Google and finally you

can choose the set is important you can’t use him for any of the previous settings.

3.Best and worst Blog post

That you save with WP high pressure  I’m going to go ahead and press save, and then from

there we’ll go to next next week- instead of all the pages .

We need to on our website so you can see down here we have, the legal pages and with just

one click of the mouse we can add up all of those pages to a site in an instant.

wordpres automatic posting

We can choose our site type with mine, is helping at the site and then also- if we want we can

create the about us page and the contact us page now. if we create the contact

us page you would check this box right here and then we would have all the right business name .

Information over here, in this area we can choose what country were from and then put all

the other information in here if that’s necessary for the second time.

I’m going to move past that part and I’ll come down here and once you’re ready all

get Freelance graphic design jobs we have to do is click on hypershift and

now it was that everything goes according to my specifications

and as you can see it is finished configuring outside only a few minutes.

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