American Remington 783 review (quality Raffles)

remington 783 reviewsIt’s the hunting gear guy here again today I’m taking a look at the new

Remington 783 this is a new rifle into the market by Remington.

It’s an’s a budget class rifle coming under four: dollars in most stores it’s not

really designed to compete with the likes of the, Remington 700 or anything

like that but more along competing with the savage axis and the Roger American .

things to note this is pretty much an improved Marlon xl7 or excess seven this particular ones long action is a 270 lot of similarities lot of good stuff in this rifle.

A lot of stuff that that savages been :doing for a while and some improvements

as well the bolt itself is really” pretty smooth something some examples.

I saw at the store weren’t all that smooth Remington 783 review your mileage

may vary on this one but

this particular one not bad at all I took it off shooting didn’t boil it one bit .

It worked fairly well with a little bit of oil now it’s nice and slick now that noises from the Volt is just from this CNC machined W bullet.

Remington 783 Accessories

I’ve got here but very smooth on this a couple -of features are really like on this rifle

just starting with the gold it’s got this release :on the side here and it is just it’s its awesome.

This is how release it should work on every rifle push it down bolt comes out that’s its one way.

If you were to slide the bolt back in again it will stay in and it you won’t

have to pull the trigger anything silly like that the vault itself and see if I can get to

focus here.

remington 783 review 2016

We go again departing a little bit from the -Remington 700 getting closer to a savage in terms of the extractor and ejector the way that the bolt has “constructed a couple of things just don’t know the striker assembly also very Marlon ask given that there they: both have the same parent company.

I guess you kind of expect that again the Volt slips right in there no pulling the

trigger just push it -in one way  Syntha 6 Review  they won’t come out unless you push that bolt release :

Remington 786 safari

that’s kind of cool the other really cool thing about this rifle and probably the one

thing that’s got the way over the axis it” comes with a decent trigger.

The app that you know, one of the things I dislike about the axis was that it comes

with a fairly rough greedy trigger this one comes with the new Remington trigger which

is its kind of take on the Marlin one :which is kind of take on the savage one except that .

This one unlike a savage you can pull the trigger without pulling a little loop in front there and it won’t deck it won’t make it.You can’t fire again you can pull their: won’t do anything you have to pull the leaver before getting to the bigger to fire it that’s kind of cool other than that you know.

Aftermarket stock Remington 783

It’s just a really good serviceable trigger’ that’s awesome you know you

either have to do some modifications :to your rifle or via an aftermarket trigger afterwards

to kind of lighten up a typical remington 783 review one so now that’s all right .

I’m not I’m not really a big fan of this safety over here I’m more used to like

a tank safety nice quiet one: this one is fairly cliquey and if you can hear that’s

You can ride it to make it a little bit quieter but it seems like that detente in there

still is going to give you a little bit of sound .

remington 783 bolt action review

“No such luck getting a nice silent safety like on the axis there is still a: little bit of noise with somebody is very positive you definitely know when it’s on safe for off on safety it doesn’t lock the bolt still leaves it open you know some guys liked their safety to lock the bolt.”

shooting a Remington with multi function

They can put it on they can sling up their rifle and not lose any rounds personally

i kind of like just having on safety all the time until i’m ready: to shoot even if that

means loading up another round.

I prefer this system a little bit more just in terms of the other features on this

rifle one that I wasn’t really a fan of these -does suck ah there: are plastic molded in

they don’t give (a full range of motion like a typical sling stud) does and their plastic add you know.

I don’t know maybe this is me just being old-fashioned on this feature and

then maybe it’s something that will catch on eventually:but I kind of like mice links

does to be metal it’s a small surface area its binding on something that’s metal .

I don’t office is going to the: stand up to, abuse or not i don’t know i guess time will

tell that one thing that is cool about this thing this.

remington 783 synthetic bolt 3006 review

But Pat is what a nice squishy,won a lot of those budget rifle manufacturers have been putting on these like hockey puck butt pads .

Remington 783 vs 700

It’s nice that you know ready to put something on those little; bit squishy here on this

one and just didn’t in another, favorite aspect of that i have about this rifle is that:

It’s got probably the best magazine of all the budget rifles now this happens

nothing really themis bar review fancy about it.

Compared to some nicer rifle magazines it’s actually not all that:

fantastic but just in its own budget segment it is better it’s got this nice beefy metal rib on.

remington 783 scope combo review

The back so you can get that camera there we go and it is solid and when it grabs

into this room into the magazine recess there is just no mistaking that it’s in there let’

just get a little bit of framed.

783 Extended magazine

The know I tried the Roger American i just wasn’t really enthused with its retention
mechanism it’s got a tiny little plastic knob on the back not really confidence inspiring this one’s
got this nice big steel plate kind of on the back here it’s got.
This you know metal spring you plastic: thing on the front just like, an axis does
but the back is nice and solid and like:i said it just jumps right in there something that
is a little bit tougher .
An axis and is really confidence-inspiring in the Roger American” it’s nice to see that it does
it well I’ve got a short video here to show you guys just of me shooting a rifle again .
I got about a 1m away with it and then and i have yet to do some more testing, I imagine
with a little bit more testing.
remington 783 latest reviews
A little getting a vote of three quarters or so but watch the video on keep in mind  shoot it
without putting an oil at all into the bowl and that was after firing about 50 or 60 round .
  A little bit dry and it still performs really well still not all that rough if you’re going
to buy one Remington 783 review of these rifles .
I’d really recommend that you do check out a couple of different ones at your local gun shop you
can find one that has a nice smooth bolt not one that’s going to buy up or give you a lot of trouble .

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