AMD And Intel Join Forces To Create Ultimate GPU And Fight NVidia

We bring you all the tech all the time now recently we brought you a video explaining why you want to buy an AMD or Intel CPU and many of the comments are in there were like ; hey man bring me a video of Nvidia vs. AMD as far as video cards goes. Let’s start off with entry-

graphics processing unit

graphics processing unit

level video cards 640 is pretty much the entry-level car that you’re going to get for any games from video and it does not contain his ex is ex is one thing that sets inside apart from the pack now some people think that with an AMD card you cannot use physics at all they’re like no .

I can’t use it man but that’s AMD And Intel Join Forces entirely on true let’s just knock that rumor right of the ballpark right now, and that’s the camera yeah there you go out of the part that’s complete bullshit you can definitely use physics on an AMD card :

we’re going to have a link in the description below we can go and download the driver now here’s the difference advanced physics is done in; video card it’s done via chip that’s on their card when you down the driver using physics you’re using it off your CPU cards apart in any situation that has to do with gaming but if you’re talking about ;just buying an entry-

level card it doesn’t really matter if it’s AMD or Nvidia due to the fact that the entry-level cards from Nvidia do not have physics on them at all . If you’re buying one of those cards like the sub hundred dollars, it’s not going to matter what you buy really.

If you’re just you know buying that car video cards .

nvidia geforce graphics card

to go I just want a video card I hardly game I just want something works well that’s your case then you’re not gonna really worried about it anyways now when you jump up the Jane the cards are all getting pretty similar you guys can see the wars have been going on these guys leapfrog each other constantly has even put the chain though in gaming the true things that set these cards apart are having the onboard physics as far as gaming goes now; if you’reusing the cards for like things like rendering and photoshop and stuff like that if you’re talking about you know pretty much know an apple to apples comparison between prices of cards there’s not that great of ”

a difference now Nvidia does have a lot of cool stuff though they have their cute and all their stuff that they have inside of their cards that’s more geared for person who is doing like making a 3d game you can – where it’s like okay and videos name on it and they’ve made it not saying that the people at AMD don’t have that as well they do they’re just not as entrenched in the pits just like with; gaming you’ll see there are much more games that come up with the thing to Lou meant to be played on Nvidia .

nvidia geforce graphics card

Nvidia geforce experience

You’re going to get ones that are said meant to be played on a mad this is because in video has their foothold ;in a much broader market and video has been doing this a long time once they bought up 3d effects which was the great gaming company in the past once they gobble them up they’ve been very competitive in the very beginning I hardly looked at at cards which is what AMD is actually a MD bought a TI because don’t know that you’re;

really new to the game but a TI became AMD in the last few years but traditionally it was a TI vs and video I know I’m string little bit from the points here but some people don’t know this information they might prefer to have it so if you’re doing like photoshop and stuff like that and you’re going to be doing 3d type work and those type of things you might want to consider more looking towards and video card now.

if you’re going to be strictly doing that stuff you can buy yourself a Quadro card which is made by a video or a Fire GL card which is made by AMD but that’s an entirely different market totally different budget and not we’re talking about today today we’re talking about the difference between desktop Nvidia and AMD and why you would choose one of the other to put in your system now the card do anything crazy like; that or you will void the warranty now that means that the only stuff that you can get is the very little changing of the card you know.

Is a gpu a graphics card?

If you’re-cooling stuff and you’ll get your boost that’s the only way to get the overclocking on video card ok the second point 2 gigabytes two gigabytes mm I don’t know with two gigabytes of memory you start doing multi-monitor you start logging out and in some games I mean seriously two gigabytes ;go look at Max Payne 3 you have two gigabytes you can barely enable the shit in the game which is like not so 3 gigabytes which is most of the high-end cards from AMD.

I think that in that aspect is a very good characteristic of your energy multi monitors you know you’re gonna want to go with probably an AMD car because the AMD card a multi-monitor has three gigabytes going to perform much better right outside of the box if you don’t believe me go look at all the videos out there don’t hate on the channel don’t hate on me just the fact 2 gigabytes will not power three monitors as well as ;three gigabytes it’s just a fact of the matter plus in my personal experience even though.

is a gpu a graphics card

Are gpu and graphics card the same thing?

I using video cards a lot when it came time for me to set up multi-monitor technology I honestly thought that Eyefinity was easier to setup and use than what they had from their 3d the 3d surround to me when I was hooking it up and all that stuff I had a lot more difficulty it up I mean I did get it up and admittedly I was using 3d glasses, so it’s probably a little bit you know more of a difficult situation .

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