How to Add Title Attribute in WordPress Navigation With Easy Way

Recently, one of our readers asked if there was a way to add the title attribute to WordPress menus? The title attribute allows you to provide additional information on a link. Often, it appears as text tool tips when the mouse moves over the link.


The title attribute is an HTML attribute that can be added to each element but is most common with links and images.

Add Title Attribute in WordPress Navigation

Best way to add title attribute in word-press navigation

It allows you to provide additional information on the link or image. See our guide to the difference between what is the difference between the picture alt text and title.

  • Web browsers display the title attribute with the mouse over it. This allows users to see where they will take this link until you click on it.
  • Screen readers can also read the title attribute, but many ignore and screen readers read only the anchor.

SEO experts believe that is not useful, while others say it is useful for SEO is because it will give you more context.
WordPress deleted the title contextual link in the version 4.2 to insert attribute. However, you can add the title and the rel =no follow option to the Insert Contextual link.
That is, let’s look at how to add the title attribute in WordPress navigation menus.

Menu navigation in word press

Menus must first visit the Appearance page and click the View Options menu in the upper-right corner of the screen.

  1. This displays a menu where you must click the check box next to the Title attribute option.
    Then scroll down and click on an existing menu item to expand it.
  2. You will now see the title attribute field.

easy add navigation manu in wordpress

Now you can add text to use the title, then repeat for all menu items on the navigation menu.
Look for the Save button to save the changes.
You can now visit your website and bring your mouse over a link in the navigation menu.
Or you can take even more of the attributes title with jQuery through some fantastic tips to add a mouseover effect.

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