How to Add Custom Font Icons in WordPress

I conform manager in ultimate addons that are going through the models I’ll be covering: if you have a look at the index page we have Add custom font icons in WordPress many models that I’m going to cover in this video now let’s start with the first part what is I conforms manager.

I conforms manager is a tool that helps you to integrate .

icons for wordpress themes

WordPress icons shortcodes

I conforms in your WordPress site we have made I conforms manager very compatible with the famous icons ap is where you can create your customized one sets by shortlisting your favorite icons allowing you to upload your custom form sets on your website so you can choose from a large number of icons but why use .I confirms there are many reasons to use ;I conformance .

I have listed out few of them they are lightweight require fewer HTTP requests have no scaling issues better for responsive design and CSS can be applied like you do for text let’s see how to use the I conforms manager in your WordPress website you can find our .

I conforms manager in the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard now if you click on it you’ll see lots of fun icons which can be used in different ways and proposes to design you upset this will be your default form second now if you have a specific icon in mind that you want to use you can also try our real-time search function that helps you find the right one for your needs now we’ll try searching for a camera, and you get the similar icons sorted for you I’ll try to find mobile.

wordpress admin menu icons

WordPress custom post type icon

I get the similar or mobile like looking icons; I’ll try to find WordPress I can to insert now there’s no WordPress icon in the available list are the available inventory of mine so we can now add the WordPress icon to our inventory by uploading the specific font from icon moon. I oh let’s see how to do that now I’ll go to the icon moon app link that.

I shared with you earlier as you can see there are large number of icons available here you can either choose from the available list if you find and I can that you want to see in your WordPress site the libraries in I commune are available in different sets.

If you still want some more icons to be added you can click here shows them from the library’s offered by different designers at this moment .

I c’mon provides over 3,600 three icons which you can add by clicking here, and you can see the 80 shades said if I can just get added in my library I’ll add some more . Awesome and you can see a lot of weapons are just added in my library for me to choose i try to search WordPress which.

Add image to wordpress menu item

I wanted to add to my site select icons proceed you should review whatever icons you just clicked will be seen here and here comes the important bark clicking ;on preferences a unique name has to be given to eat individual set of icons you wish to import into WordPress as a custom name provides unique CSS class which is required in our icon fonts manager once renamed i downloaded you can see the name WordPress related which ;will get saved in the zip format .

Font-awesome-more-icons wordpress plugin

Now we’ll see how to import the zip file; into my work for site, in the end, we will import the zip file from I commune to WordPress by clicking on upload selecting the file we just downloaded to WordPress media library can see renamed it ;to WordPress related insert the file, and you can see a different set of icons that we selected are visible in I can manager;

wp_enqueue_style font awesome

I hope this tutorial was helpful in understanding how you can use I conforms manager and me common app to import custom fonts in your website .

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