How to add animated header in blogger blog or website?

How to replace blogger header with your immediate help for this thing we will need software called it escape what escape the open-source software, and you can download it from its official website now saw it add animated header in blogger installation process is very simple but still if you find anything .

photoscape online

Photo bucket images In blogger

if you find any difficulty feel free to leave a comment in a biscuit comment section not first of all if you’re not seen my previous vabout how to decide the lift of the other blog and other products to bloggers header. I request you to see that description media and see that .

I’ll given the link that and once you understand how to bit of the blog has to be decided you can also understand how you can decide the width of the hair too I just to give you some brief awarded
the distance and this distance is around 10 pixels.
this and this will be; 20 pixels the size of the header will be equal to the total width of the blog minus 20 pixels enemies if you want to see this thing in detail just get back to my previous tutorial and now for this tutorial you:
will need a set of Ages the number o,f millions depend on the an immediate you want to make i’m going to use three minutes to show you how you can create animated header ok now i have already created three which is and I have them on my hard drive you know.

Adding a GIF image to your header

how to create the to the Middle’s depends on you you can just you your photograph and get some snaps or:
you can create some in graphic in using your-your computer if you want to learn how to create this kind of pattern in the header beam i’ll link that tutorial also in my description area so you can see that
ng to understand animation part so let me get started with that once you don’t go to photo photo scape and in storage just open it you should see a screen like this and go to animated gif you can click over here or you can look over here once you’re an animated gif section click add photo now different images that I agreed select all three of them because i want to use all three of them in the animation like .

Get a free animated header for your blog

Can you see that one is going another is coming like that ok so there are three medicine messages that i want to give you just find us on facebook and google+ you can find more useful stop at another box partner car and you can join ;me at my youtube a channel so please do it anyways now one thing you need to understand is when you import the images and photoscape photos cable i just side of the image according to the side of the canvas. If this this option is selected the side of the 10 verse will; be around and will be equal to side of the first water sighs so if you want to create your default size just click on set the size canvas and here are my settings 1010 and 160.

How this figure came this is Miami blog and this is my original official original blog and i always prefer lift up my blog as 1030 pixels and i just stopped”
pixels and this 10 pixels so i get 10 10 pixels of it and height you can decideit also depending on one your requirements everything our this is explained in the tutorial that I’ll link in the description ok that is getting better ford escape.
If you have any other size of the lower header you have to say side of canvas as their will to sign of the locker header is within height.

add animated header in blogger

photo bucket editor

Now change time if you wish that this animation should be bits lower orbit faster you can choose time reducing the time but obviously increase the speed of animation and including the time to do the speed of animation before i review this time to round this will become very fast and i agree that it will become slower now I would prefer slower when because then they’re only person would be able to read the message second thing you can change time between selected frame or contain.
the type for all the frames that was time little mean time difference will remain uniform throughout all the frames so if you want that between those two frames time should be less between this two frames times more you can select this option and then Jean you make were here will be active in that me let me show it to you:
know that this now change time I am just using the time with you ok I think I poverty in the option being the ;disputants for all things in only disputable slept for hockey and in this case I’m going to change time again only for selected; frame .

I’m going to engrave it extremely so that you can see the difference and this will remain as it is for some time and next image will change it so immediately that is because time for both of Devon only 0.1 second but it’s time for this argument around too 60 seconds so and this gateway you can adjust the time however i would like to have any fun time so i’m going to change the time displayed signs for all the same sex should be around it can be hundred and ten .

Cool text

this is what I like a uniform but secondly change affect your 20 mins some little placing another
Beach you like to have some effect like slide up sorry and slide down and slide”
to the left slide to the right convert the background color and this one important.

If you will see you can see the terrible the moment your English the background color reappear if you use black background will be able to be seen yes if you want to be active kidding and put out to think this effect simply select a color like light extreme like sharp grey and you will see that effective . and put out this scene then:
again key about convert to black and convert white these are to default settings.

I mean which you have black-and-white of the color but i would always prefer to go forward to black color and i will select one of the light girls like this way to give my banner of freedom effect so
that is it so i will give you break your back girl recap just add images choose the required time to require that set proper kind of science this is important otherwise your had a one be spread across the entire blog and it would look good and that’s it you don’t need to do”
anything simply see this and i will save it as a booty our bloggers sorry blogger header okay and remember to see this as a GIF image because gif is only format that will undergo the animation simply see it and click Opie now next thing you would need to do is to upload meet other email hosting website obviously you can upload they made using blogger at the problem in this case would be flower born with displaying it as an animation and they made that are apparent problems.
Sometimes displayed a stagnant single image and usually the other displays the centering needs so if i uploaded this one on the number it will simply show this one or any one image has a header and rest of the two images will be neglected I don’t want to do that I want my headed to any meat so i will go to original state website click on sign .


If you don’t have an account with photopack you need to create one yes I forgot to mention this site i’m using this photo can’t calm create account i have one account and log into it if you have any doubts or if you want to just leave yourself about photobucket I got a guide to photograph it in my anal blog and i’ll link you to that also so if you wish you can have a look at:
that and upload I choose from the destination from where you want to upload I want to choose from my computer so that the photos.
I want to upload some bloggers open and it should get up yeah so the time that’s get up Lorelei would like to give you one more a device depending upon timings inside of image side of the entire animation will also a change so if you’re having the made with two very high sized just right really the side somehow i have articles about compression i usually make up; reminder to ;reduce the size of males so yeah and i have given the link to that article also in the description area you can see that so that and if you want you can reuse the side of the immediate stew.

blogspot header setting

Before you just use them in the port escape ok and once it’s uploaded go to you all and here is that image that any meat amazing simply copy this direct link when you were good this will get copies now come back to your blog i’m not going to show you how to do this on this map on this permit reasonable i’m going to show you how to do this on my blog let’s put the design layout and another hand and simply be a little tingle and click instead of title and description.


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