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how to crawl a website in google webmasteFor what is now referred to as the Google search cuts off.

And the reason you really want to make sure; that you are using this free account is.

because we move across your website.

They give you a report telling me what they like and they dislike about their site.

This way you can use this information to improve your site boost its performance.

And help it to rank higher in search results so he will take a close look at the different

sections of Add A Website In Google Webmaster.

So you know what section is for how you can benefit from it and how to use it first things;

first you’re going to need to setup your account it’s pretty quick and painless to do; you’ll

start by signing in to your Google account but you probably already have once.

You are in Google webmaster tools you can simply enter your url here.

And click on his property and your property.

Add website in google webmaster

Once you know that you are actually the owner of this website so they’re going to give you a few ways to actually verify the ownership.

The first option and they’re going to give you the recommended option is to upload an HTML file.

So all you would need to do is click on the file to download.

And then you can log-in via FTP or you can log into the file manager that you can ask them to receive handle for Hosting account upload this HTML file.

You can then verify that you own site by clicking on the link that they could buy to hear and

7/3 and then you’ll click on the verify, doing the love, you don’t feel comfortable uploading my HTML file.

They do give you a few Alternatives as well so you’ll be able to add a meta tag to your site.

You can log into your domain name provider any easy one if you already have Google analytics set up,

is to connect your account and will be able to see the truck load,  is already there as well for using Google tag manager.

So whichever option you use it doesn’t really matter.

So if it’s the one that feels most comfortable to you you can do in the fastest marathon time.

But once his stuff is done,  your account is ready and you can meet him.

So let’s go ahead and start walking over your Google webmaster tools account.

Your account has been set up for Google search for this, is going to give you an overview of what is going on, with your site.

And show you anything that important this is going to point out any issues 32 beer.

how to verify website in google webmaster tools

In google webmastertools,how to verify website

And I am going to see a few areas.

Below on your current status, it’s going to let you know, if they have called your website.

And if they see any errors during that whole that way you can resolve any of the issues that the

next time they call your site that will be resolved.

And they can invest more of your site under search analytics.

You’ll be able to see more about, how often your site here in search results and looking to find information about that.

I will get into more of that and then also you will be able to let me know if you have a site that

has been submitted. And what is going on as well.I

It really pays to spend a few minutes in your settings in your account information.

There’s a settings icon you click on that you can see what you actually need to do with me.

If you like Uncle Kracker now here, this is where you are going to eat.

There unable or just save an email notification to absolutely want to make sure, that

you have your email notification setup.

Because that way when you lose your site, if you notice any errors they’re going to

email you about it that way you don’t have to login just to see.

If they have sent me any messages so possibly make sure that you said that the next option is that it so.

This is very important this is where we want to set up a option is going to be don’t

forget this www.Oregon ww.W version of your website to be your main website.

So select the one that is what you would like to be your preferred domain.

And click things when you do that your window see the message.

how to crawl a website in google webmaster

How to register website

That says for the process of setting up a preferred domain, is to verify that you also and the

other non www.Persian. And the reason- for this is because Google actually sees you

are two versions of your website, has two different websites to :go through the same process through earlier.

You want Google to limit how often they call you or if you just want to let them know.

To let them take a look at the next time.

We have a change of address is that, you need to do.

In the beginning you decide to change it this is what, you need to do.

How to find Google that you are changing your demands.

you would come here is going to give you the check list of the different steps of you can take.

And will be able to submit a change of address for bus directly to Google.

Here the next is a Google analytics property so this is, where you’re going to be able to select

from a list of any of the analytics web properties: that you already have set up in your account.

So you have several you’ll see them here, if you only have the one that you set up for this

particular site, that will be listed Add A Website In Google Webmaster here, going to go ahead.

And select the one that’s listed here and I’ll click up on stage going to have to ask you to confirm.

You said okay and that’s it and now you have your Google search consult with your Google analytics account

to see, what we have user, and you of course are already won.

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