How to Add a Tab to your Facebook Fan Page

add tab to facebook page

Today i wanted to do a video to kind of help out everyone who is either an associate with true vision health or just anyone in direct sales who wants to add tabs to their; fan page and just doesn’t know how.
you’ll do what I’ve done to mine Add a Tab to your Facebook Fan Page. One of the things that you’ll see here is on my fan page i have this one-week trials tab and if you scroll down it also shows up over here as well and I get a lot of people asking how i did this i do show my team how to do it and with so many people asking i decided just to do .

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Everyone can learn how to do it, so when you click on that tab this is what you see when it loads here you see the logo i put a little information i put a little quick video about it and I put a buy it now’ button so i wanted to show everyone exactly how you create that and to get started you do need to be logged
onto your personal page, you can’t be logged in as your fan page; it will just tell you need to switch over so when you’re on your personal page up:

the search you just want to start tithing the words
static iframe even right after you just type static it will usually pop up.
you just need to click on that, and you will be shown this little app install in a moment here now I’ve used this page tab already normally this is what you’re going to ;click if you’ve done it before you’ll have to either click one of these ones or one of these depending. I’m just gonna click one so you see what happens next when once you’re here it will ask you to select the page you want to add that tab too si would just select my healthy living with more .

Tab sportsbet face book

Grady and then i would just say add page tab i would just click this I don’t need to add another tab right now but you know well what the heck for for the sake:
of showing it to you I’ll do it so you would just click add page tab and
then it will instantly take me to that tab by default it’s always called welcome and it is a blank saying okay here’s what you do now you configure your page tab so you just click on this button and it’s going to take its going to open up this little editing service either here on boom box or within the
tab itself and it generally works the same whichever way you do it now when you first get here it’s going to be automatically on the coding area the HTML alright and you want to just click on

facebook tabs for business

that you are seeing what you’re doing and you can use all these different things so what you would do is if you wanted a picture in there you would select that you have to add a URL here which means you have to upload it somewhere i have it saved on a the other way not through box for editing it so I’m not gonna I’m not going to add the picture right now, but you would select”

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you just add the website address of a picture that you want to use you add any type that you want to do this is where you would say you know get your seven-day trial provision for you know 20 or 25 whatever you’re charging.
you can make it center you can make you know you can change the color of the text you can play around with that you know here’s where you change the color i can make it blue and I can make it
Big so it stands out so you can do whatever you want and then you want to create if you’re using PayPal which is what i use what i recommend you want to create a PayPal button and to do that you would go to PayPal and you would log;

facebook page app android
into your PayPal account alright i’m already you’re going to
click on merchant services now for this to work you need either a premier or business account it’s free you know what i do is my business name don’t add the company’s
name to it unless you’ve actually gotten a DBA that includes that name just use your regular name.

Page app android

Create payment buttons for your website you just click on that and you just click on create a button and then now all i need to do do you know. I can do shopping cart if you do a shopping cart it will let you on i think to do it that way it lets you do the drop down menu with the quantity so you know you can do it that way you
can do that by now I like seeing these buttons on here so and i would just start calling it whatever I want to call it and i would give it an item number and i would enter a price and I would tell how much i want to charge for shipping if i’m charging $MONEY for shipping i would tell the tax if I have
to charge tax I tell to just use my email address and then I just click on:
create’ button you don’t worry about tracking inventory and all that if you want to and then you just select the code and copy it and then when you’re back over here you have to click on source because that’s the HTML code area see how that just took what i wrote and created the code for me.

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I just paste that in so now if i go back to source it will show it and then if I want to make that center just like the text and see if it will work or not little wonder that way you know you can
make it centered and then all you would do is click ,on save settings and then you’d be able to go to the tab settings up here and select the graphic and you know what it what it’s called i can change it from welcome to seven day trial week trials get get ,a trial whatever you want you can change the tap image so all i had done was I had gone to yahoo and I’ve typed in blue green background and I picked a background that .

I liked and then I went to pick monkey and i resized it the same size that facebook wants the tabs to be which is in pixels 111 111 by 74 so i resized it and i added text to it and there you go so you could be you know get your sample you know, and you just click on”
save settings and it will automatically put it there now like I was saying for myself and doing that log me out of here but doing that myself i don’t need that extra tab, so I’m just going to go back actually you know what I’m going to do it from my personal page;

add facebook app to my phone

Graph api explorer

because it will probably tell me i’m just going to be logged in as me but go to my fanpage and then once i’m here i’m able to tell it where to put things so I’m able to click on more and i’m able to click on manage tabs and I’m able to readjust them _

i wanted the one we trials directly up here so i put it up here I wanted to join my team to show instead of some of these other ones and I did that now if I wanted to remove one I can click on that welcome one that I just did because i really don’t need it add or remove tabs here and see if it makes it easy i will see I don’t want to deal with number seven if that one was number seven we’re going to move it.

What are facebook apps?

now if i go back to my page that welcome should be there anymore i go see so there you gothat’s how you add this tab to your page and that way you can just; give the link to it you can click on this and you can copy and paste that and you can post and your seven-day trial here you know I my fan page and post the link if you don’t want it to look long and Nikki like that you can go to you know tinyurl and get something that’s small.


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