How To Add A Shopping Cart To Your Facebook Page

free shopping cart for facebookIf you’re selling products DVDs books merchandise you can have a shopping cart right on your site so here I’m going to show you on my soccer Facebook page here’s a tab called ;shop now and click that it goes right to the shopping cart here’s my products, I am selling soccer training DVDs beginner intermediate and advanced and then also as a package of all three of these into one .

Free shopping cart for facebook

these are all purchased so once someone comes to here comes to my page shop now clicks the product that they like so they say they want this beginner soccer DVD to click; that they click Add to Cart they get a close-up view they get a little description here at the bottom that you can put in there.

I’ll show you how to do that add to cart and adds it into their shopping cart above and you can continue shopping so go back here go to the DVDs and that- just keeps that DVD in in the shopping cart above so if you have a ton of products you-

can they’re all saved in your shopping cart some people can buy multiple products at once so go ahead and just keep this one in here will do ;secure checkout they fill out this information and it’s all done through PayPal they put in their address for the shipping-

information and they check out alright so first off you want to go login to your Facebook go to your homepage click on applications on the left column; scroll down and you’ll see applications directory at the bottom and click that this gives us the ability to search for applications.

Add shop section Facebook

The application to add add the shopping cart the store on your website is pay the mint take ten percenter there it is you’re going to want to click that click go to applique action  since I’m already registered on pay meant it will have you register first before you see this screen here,

so it’s going to; take you to the pavement you’re gonna have to register your account and attach your pale information to the store so it knows where to pay you so it can attach when people buy your products can attach; the PayPal so it can know where to send the money to alright.

add shopping cart to facebook page free

Let’s go ahead and add a new product so once you go through that process you’ll come back here you will be in your dashboard and we’re going to add new product here so item name Adidas soccer ball item id;08 came here I had the DVDs Katic store category so if you have a ton of products that are different from one another you can have different categories .

I made a category equipment so soccer equipment like balls or jerseys whatnot if you want to create your category go ahead and click here click there and create a new categories you put in the category name so let’s do shirts let’s save that, and now it made a new category in in my store let’s go back; here let’s take that one again daddy does that fall 08 now let’s put it equipment but as you can see:

it added that shirts category I just their price 50 bucks shipping method you can do various shipping methods but I’m going to keep it flat rate at four dollars enable additional quantity .If you have multiple items soccer balls for in this instance put yes there and additional shipping for the product item description divas official match ball now you can do the options set.

vendor shop application

If you’re selling shirts you can have different colors different sizes of course for here, I’m selling sacra ball, so I will have different sizes so go ahead and click here and do sighs three sizes for size five just like we did for the categories up here. I’m not going to do that because it will make me fill out this information again but you get the idea you can click there ahead of time before you start filling out this information, so it’s a featured you want to be a featured item you want on your main store front page yes if you have a lot of products you’re just going to want your main ones on the front page enable sales tax if you want that.

how to create a facebook store

where is the add a section link on facebook?

If you wanted to add it to your storefront right now or save it to do it later, i wanted up there now. I’ll put save and continue to browse my image see woke up ball up has to be a JPEG Ok well what I’m going to do is instead of the soccer ball going to use this image because it has to be a JPEG that other file must not have been a JPG file alright so there’s my ear my image and; go ahead return the products and see how it looks so we’re going to drop down we put it in a different category, so it’s not going; to show up here on the main page equipment go ahead and go to equipment and there it is a Divas match ball 50 bucks a limited stock and that’s how you create your storefront on your Facebook fan page

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