7 actionable tips to earn money online while you sleep

Tips to Make Money onlineMake or earn money online while you sleep on internet online not hard .

You need to just laptop with good internet connection for working online jobs.

Always you can make money online while you sleep so, in general.

I try to stay away from these kinds of topics,

because I think a lot of people these things are kind of lazy are looking for quick ways to be able to make more money.

You can earn money using reddit or adsense or affilated market or CPA just setting home.

They end up falling for schemes and falling into traps,

and not ever being successful with what they want to do understand that to be successful as an entrepreneur .
You want to create something that is meaningful? Make Money With video Channels

and that lasts now that’s your mindset and your approach then these seven things are going to help you be able to make more money..

While you’re actually sleeping.

So number one is don’t trade time for money hardest ways to make money.

Fast and best way to make online money


While you’re sleeping is when you’re trading time for money as fast or slow online,

that would be any kind of service based business.

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I like at the start of a business to actually be service based”

because you get cash flow coming in there are no expenses except your time.

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But as you build up and as you want to create something beyond yourself.

  • Trading time for money is basically the definition of not making money.
  • While you sleep because you have to go out and work.
  • So thinking about a product that’s online that’s)
  • not actually you doing the work yourself is a big step to build *
  • and making money while you’re sleeping ..
  • Number two is create things that last.
  • So if you look at the videos that I make most of them are evergreen it’s called evergreen content.
  • Because whether you watch it today or whether you watch it in five years.

The content is still relevant and valuable… make money as a kid

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You can also make online money if you live in uk or pakistan or canada.

( I love creating things that are of timeless value.)

Because it’s valuable to somebody today,

and it’s also valuable somebody next year and in five years,

and in 10 years in 20 years you Make Money On Social Media

When we’re showing clips of Martin Luther King or Napoleon Hill may be decades old…..

But it’s still relevant helpful valuable to me.

Rent a house or bulding in any country

You today and so how that helps you make money, it sucks when it only lasts for a day or week or a month.

It shoots to zero so if you’re doing something around”

the trend if you’re covering the election.

Right now might be really hot right now because everybody’s talking about it.

But nobody’s going to care once the election is over.Property business also good way for making money.Make Money On Instagram

Nobody’s going to look back on a lot of the content that was created and I hate that kind of business..

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You can also make unlimited with captur images any good place and sell online any website.Make money with picture these days trending topic.

Because I want to make something and have it live forever.

I want people to pay attention to it forever..

( So all the work that I do every new thing that I add into my business adds multiple streams for me down….

Posting ads job in fiverr or any online site

The future and so it continues to build.

I try to create things that last a having that kind of focus something,

that is still relevant valuable in five 10 20 years is super helpful to you making money.

While you sleep number three’s bring on a team’

to do anything of substance to have a big impact in the world.

You have to be able to bring on a team and not just do everything yourself..

In the context of making money while you sleep…Make Money Over the Summer

” Best way to get job in freelancer “

It’s also important because while you’re sleeping ”

You know your team could be out there doing work for you,

delivering the work for you…….

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  1. If I look at my”youtube channel” when I started with just me.
  2. I was doing everything and I was making one video a week –

one video a month somewhere in that range and since bringing on my team,and there’s what seven of us now.

I guess on the YouTube team now we’re able to make three four or five videos a day———–

So all of those will help me grow my business today..

In the future I’m still working the same number of hours|

because my team is helping me do it whatever it is in your business..

Especially the things that you’re not good at or the things that.

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You don’t want to be the best in the world that or the things that,

you don’t have a passion for but that needs to get done in your business|

being able to “offload that into somebody else have them do the work..

Because they’re getting paid for it and they like doing that kind of work…

While you could focus on your genius and what you love doing that’s:

a fantastic way not just a bit of business.

make money online infographic

But you’re leveraging the time of other people to help you make money..

In a lot of cases while you’re sleeping number fours automate your business model…How to Make Money Dropshipping on Amazon

I love automating as much as possible i value my time.

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So when you can automate things it makes a big difference:

as an example,

  1. I’m trying to promote China dance also this business that—-
  2. We are in standing in right now one of the ways that I’m doing it is through Facebook advertising right……….
  3. We have different Facebook advertising campaigns that promote the classes..
  4. I would much rather spend time there then going to events right there..

Might be a parade or local event that we can go to because it’s so much more automatic and easier to scale.

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We’re going to an event involves my time or involves my team’s time to go out…

Actually do where with marketing with advertising yes there is some time..

it’s not zero time and just set it and forget it,

there is still some work and maintaining it and  look at the analytics.

Creating better campaigns but it’s way easier to scale? Apps That Make You Money 2017

So look at how you are manufacturing your product..

How you are selling your product or service how you’re getting the word out …

There all of the processes are involved in creating the business from the idea of our product or service to the creating it…

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You can also make paypal money online with affilated network or paying any game site.

To the selling it all of those processes how many of those are really labor-

intensive and how many can you pull out ..

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Now if you really love doing the work great paypal,

but if you don’t how can you plug something else in there that might be a little bit more automatic to help you scale faster…

Because while I am sleeping you know what – in the morning somebody is looking at the Facebook ad clicking and buying a class…

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So it’s much more automatic because,

I don’t want to be up at 2:00 in the morning going to the all-night parties”

to promote the business …

If you automate your business model,

you have a better chance of making money wisely number five is building no crisis…..

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Business this is something that I’ve done almost from the beginning.

I hate being reactionary, I hate having just put out fires,

I hate having to see customers freaking out.

I have to go and drop everything…

I’m doing to deal with this one thing..

I don’t have control over my schedule.

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What happened and so from your partners to your suppliers to your teammates to the media to everybody involved in your business ,

how to treat you for me I don’t react most of the time to big problems,

that are happening immediately and try to empower people to solve the problems themselves…

If you remove yourself from the situation what happens does it get solved do the the people figure it out..Make Big Comissions With ClickBank Using Social Media

I try to create a business in both of my businesses”

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simple way to make money online

( where that doesn’t happen too often it’s a newer process with Toronto,

that’s also because I only took over in January with my business.

I’ve had a long time it rolls it hums write a lot of stuff happens without me having to be involved…

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you can also make money with bitcoin buy or sell or trading.

We don’t have a lot of crises that happen and so it’s one of these.

Why I don’t have a phone that I use only as a tablet.Earn Money Without Work in Home

There’s no phone number here there’s no data package.

You can’t reach me it’s with intention,

I don’t want people interrupting my day..

I need to have my time to focus on building bigger things.

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Working towards bigger projects and not being dragged down into minutiae of the day-to-day of running a lot of the projects on the business…

It may mean firing clients that are too demanding, it may mean that you lose out on meeting opportunities.

Where the timelines are so crunched that you miss out on something,

and that’s okay as long as you’re investing”Complete Fiverr Video Course free

that time into something much bigger as much as possible.

  1. I really try to focus on building on no crisis business?
  2. so that my time is being spent effectively on the important things to build a company number six is invest.
  3. This isn’t something I talk too much about on the channel in terms of investing…
  4. I have my own philosophies and strategies around investing.
  5. First off in yourself as an “entrepreneur” as a human being to get better to learn to adapt to grow ..
  6. You’ll make way more money in your own company then you will by investing into a stock market or,
  7. real estate or something else.
  8. But if you’re starting to make money.
  9. You’re keeping something pulling off the table saving for retirement.

Whatever it is not that we’re really going to retire.

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Saving for retirement

I think if you’re really a true entrepreneur even as easy as a back only true actual sources of passive income is investing into the stock market”

Especially when you don’t have to do anything that’s managed right.

If you’re not buying something you need to check in on all the time.

You can look at index funds right an index fund just matches.

How the market is doing and you know the markets going up.

You’re making my money and historically the market is going to go up .

It ‘ll have down periods but overall it’s going to go up and you can just keep putting money into that.

It’ll keep paying you back when you don’t have to worry about doing anything.

If you’re managing an active portfolio then there’s a little bit more work.

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online marketing with social

Just like the advertising campaign but the idea here is you’re leveraging your money to help you go out and make more money you know before.

We were leveraging our people to be able to be able to bring more in for our business right ..facebook make money

Just another way if you have some money saved up you can use it to bring in more money ….

On investment and I still think the best bet is probably in yourself.

Your own business but it is another way to make money while you sleep.

Number seven the last way to make money while you sleep is leverage your other assets…

As an example if you have a house or an apartment,

can you rent that out can you put it up on Airbnb.

While you’re away on the weekend have people come over ..

if you have high-end camera gear can you rent that out and have people pay you to rent out the the gear you have whatever assets that you have is a rental.

7 actionable tips to earn money online while you sleep

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