A Complete Guide for WordPress Blog SEO 2017

Start with a blog is fun and more fun when you start with no materialistic motif than money or fame because in this blog scenario only through passion and not the mind of many important factors such as starting to blog, SEO, and many other factors.

But if you are like I am blogging  guide for WordPress blog SEO you as a career option, it will become a serious task for you, and you must take care of all the vital elements of your blog.

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Above all, WordPress SEO is one of the most important to increase the visibility of your website factors on search engines. Here I have some of the easy to implement for a WordPress blog technical optimization search engines to implement; you can do it yourself.
Let’s start with Sitemap, which is an XML file that contains an index of all the important links (posts, pages, tags, categories) of your blog. This sitemap will help the robots of the search engines to efficiently find the content of your blog indexed in the search engine. There are many WordPress plugins sitemap around but prefer to use Google’s sitemap, which is one of the oldest and most reliable. All you have to do is, and to complete the settings and generate a sitemap for your blog to go to install and activate supplement.

What is search engine optimization


Now go to the Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tool, submit, and review your site and submit a sitemap. This will help them search and index all the internal pages of your blog.
Better ranking in search engines is to provide the best content in the search index.


With updates to Panda, adverse impact on Google’s low-quality content, and when it refers to my guide to what is less quality, its tags pages, categories, file author notices are useful to the search engines -Index.

Permalink single word is the URL of your blog. For example, domain.com/wordpress-seo-guide.

By default, the search WordPress link engine is not friendly and does not offer any added value to optimize your blog page. Once you install WordPress, you should go ahead and set up WordPress Permalink.

In the latest version, WordPress Permalink provides the publication as an option and simply choose to give a user-friendly URL search.
Imp: If you plan to change the permalink of any existing WordPress page, you need to consult this guide and make a backup copy of your database before making any changes to the blog.
Improving pictures with the presentation of its content, but if they are not, movies should start publishing in your blog. If you’re wondering why?

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It will make your best presentation after
It will make your pinnable content on Pinterest
It will help to create more bio traffic through image search.
You can send original images to Flickr and get traffic and additional links without setbacks.
These are just some of the advantages I just mentioned and now remain the main theme, which is: Optimize your images from WordPress for the search engine. Unlike the text content, the search engines use the alt tag to understand and map an image.

How to use wordpress seo

You can use the friendly image plugin SEO to create an automatic ALT tag for all of your images, but make sure the name makes meaningful pictures. Use a simple naming convention that uses WordPress SEO.jpeg instead of DSC001.jpeg.

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Also, if your blog has lots of photos, you can consider creating a picture of the WordPress card and send it to Google Webmaster tools for deep indexing. I’ve tried this method, and that not only helped me to rank some competitive keywords high enough, but also helped me generate targeted traffic. Also use the Smush.It helps to reduce the size of the image.
One of the biggest mistakes of SEO I did when I started blogging is not the meta title and description meta-single while you write a blog.

Meta description in wordpress yoast

A good, catchy and rich meta title keywords help your content get better rankings and high CTR. Similarly, a single meta description (160 characters) help search engines better understand their content and use the power of calling to action to get a better CTR back.

There are many additions out there that will help you achieve this. In an SEO All or Platinum SEO one of the best in the market right now: WordPress SEO by Yoast.


Give an SEO optimization service for WordPress blog but it is always a good idea to do it on your own, and you will learn SEO. One of the biggest advantages of Plugins WordPress is simple and fast SEO with the help of SEO, but all you need is the right framework to make the most of it.


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