7 New Year’s Resolutions For SEO In 2017

Resolutions seo 2017

Welcome back rank is site has been treating you treating us TV well as you can see from this graph although this is not a penguin this is resolutions For SEO In 2017 penguin was actually; banned ER this sort of section here and then something else happened on the first and they get it on the ID so this penguin all these changes that have been happening there being rolled out it;

Create good mobile experiences

looks like the finisher all that now and the ranking to have been looking at the been bouncing around not

expect to that last time they’ve all stopped and we’re getting about| We’ve got about five days of stable

rankings are looking at the ones that we had that were jumping or so we think.

It is now finished the bug last week that we reported on that the thing that was stopping Google crawling

and indexing people sites are dropping through the floor and we said we aren’t we had two or three sides plus the person that we speak to Kathy thank you very much Kathy for your help on that ;

we’ve established that was a global issue that did start with pretty-

much everyone on the item October and what Google is doing was actually reporting DNS areas that

have been there for a very long time only for some reason google search console or Google changed

somewhere where they decided that we’re not gonna crawl sites like that that’s what happened.

local seo 2017

If you still do have that problem speak to your hosting company because chances are you do actually

have a real DNS issue the other was represented everything from last week but this was when after a clock this morning and that what; he needs to get done before the new year and basically this three years as your resolutions that you to make yourself Firstly you have got;

to do high DPS Google has been telling us for a long time as we know that you know you’ve got to be on a GPS.

SEO Measure and analyze more thoroughly

I they have been using a caret sign that you know it’s going to help your rankings a little bit that’s really

hard to measure we haven’t seen a lot of it but what they’re doing now is using the stick to say that Eve you don’t go to https you ;

uses them going to start getting warnings that your site is insecure in the new year thank you very much

google so move across to https we’ve got their whole webinar on that .

If you haven’t seen it to see the apples into the link for that and the the second one of the things that ;the google announced last week is after they announced and penguin for everything else they said that mobile has now split from the desktop.


We’ve got two separate indexes we got google my bottle in Google Desktop day it announced the source

said they might be going to do this in April last year so it’s taken this long for them to roll it out so now we have a mobile-

first index and the desktop is seconds all changes they get them either going to be made first mobile so that should tell you something about-

what Google is saying with my ball and that is it is the dominant; browsing device the desktop is no

longer the dominant browsing device so to that in they brought out the accelerated mobile product pages

or a part of the accelerated verbal pages project or the am project which was announced earlier this year and Google is pushing everyone into that,

and they’re saying that you’re going to get a ranking boost .

Create long content with 2000 words

if you do that, so it’s now been rolled out globally previously without environment . com it’s now and

every other country to mind so get onto that there’s a section in google search console where you can go

and have a look at that and sunday search appearance and accelerated mobile pages so you can guess .

We haven’t done in two hours with done in a few sites we haven’t done to a legit behind or a comment site


You’re going to be really careful how you doing on an e-commerce site you’d probably want to the whole

ecommerce site probably do second element that you want people to find easy and fast and all those sorts of things.

On Page SEO 2017

Accelerated mobile pages basically means faster content i’ve got a video on that we’ve shown you how fast that is on mobile menuing search on my bar you might see articles in the model search results they’ve got a little lightning bolt next to them –

they’ve gotten the word and next to the medicine accelerated mobile page and set and HTTPS and the third thing that you’ve got to do or you’ve got a lot to do is mobile pops so no more lowball pop pop-

ups so if you are using pop-ups and we all know we all hate them but we all know that they also work.

i bet if you doing on my bar you’re gonna have to stop it and because as of $YEAR January Google’s going to start punishing sites are mobile using pop-

ups and with mobile being you know the first destination or the first index that Google’s paying attention to that says a lot they’re trying to make that experience in mobile just lightning fast easy use simple .

rich keyword usingĀ 

I think about when you’re doing your essay on my mobile think about things like the description tags are

they easy to radar they easier to discern in my ball search what the value or what isn’t there to be clicking on in that search result search in my ball is all about speed and ease of use don’t put ;

any cognitive load on the user basically nice friendly URLs not really long URLs although something just

trying to make it really really easy and of course when they get your side make sure your rub your site

easy to use and make sure it is mobile responsive and going to have looking model stats in google search comes and started Google Analytics ; have you look at bats rights of mobiles with a client .

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