7 Most Imported Essential WordPress Security Tips

WordPress is very popular, but the platform security gaps are critical for us to keep our WordPress blog insurance. Here I will share some valuable safety tips WordPress sharing that will help keep your blog safe.

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Essential wordpress plugins

When I was 21 years old, I hacked in our university website for the project of the last questions of the semester to enter the teaching area. Questions necessary course of network security, so I tried to log in as Sazzad (the respective teacher), and I managed to get a few attempts to get your password because it was the name of his girlfriend, without space
Read my history of piracy, as a webmaster:

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one could be stretched over the security of your site. For each website, a security strategy is a must. And WordPress is the most popular open source software for blogs; it is a mainstay of many malicious attacks.
Fortunately, an open source software is, WordPress has a lot of accessory protection, functions, and techniques to store. When used in an aggregate, these tools can defend against malicious activities, hacks, spam, and other threats. Let us look at some of these techniques today.
Always update your version of WordPress Theme and add it to the latest version. The update can fix any security error to the previous version, so it is advisable to be updated.
For some reason, if you can not upgrade to the latest version of WordPress, do not let the pirates know the current version.

Since the errors of the previous versions are all known by wordpress.org, it will be easier for them to attack your site. You can hide your WordPress version number by placing the following commands:

Must have wordpress plugins for bloggers
If you are using an old theme, remove the line from your header.php file PHP file following the following blog info
If you are using a newer version, only add the following in the functions.php file of your theme
Be careful when installing accessories. Cheap plugins can be an error that can be injected or other SQL queries to do codes or other harmful activities for your website or damage classification.

Check the clues and popularity of the plugin before you install it. And to be sure, read reviews or ask the blogger friends on the map that you want to use.
Before WordPress 3.0, the WordPress standard installation using an account admin as username comes to come. When the pirates know, they always try.

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Make sure your username administrator account is not something that is easy to guess your username or your name. If you have or have an earlier version of WordPress 3.0, you must change it.
Enable browsing through directories on your site is like your door is always open to the thief to keep their assets in the home to see and make a plan can fly. 🙂 I hope you understand the meaning closed the door to hold.
A simple trick directory search for disabling is a file index.html or index.php empty in any directory and subdirectory to download, except the root. also
Last but not least, never forget to do the following on a regular basis

Keep your virus free workplace and keep updated antivirus programs.
Always keep backups (database files). If you can afford it,

you should use VaultPress. Read Backup WordPress Premium Services VaultPress
Use passwords and change them regularly.

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Do not store passwords in FTP client or browser stories.
If possible, use premium themes
Here are some basic techniques to keep your insurance WordPress pages. I come with other security tips in the future. Make sure you subscribe to the ShoutmeLoud RSS feed for updates.

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Do you have other WordPress security tips to share? Let us know a board that will ensure you keep your WordPress page up?

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