7 GMail Power Tips that Will Massively Boost your Website

If your Gmail user and you want to get more from the program I’m going to share with you today my seven power tips to massively produce your productivity from 7 GMail power tips” Hi I’m Evan Carmichael welcome to another technology Tuesday. I’m a huge Gmail user, and I’m going to share with you the seven ways that I use; it to boost my productivity :

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I’m going to load up my email so you can follow along with me as I explained the tips number one is reported and reported is a cool way for you to information ;on who the people are that you’re talking with so you can learn about them at reported . Com and what it does is instead of showing you the ads on the side of google it shows you information about the person that you’re connected to load up an email so.

I got this one from Ricardo you’ll see on the side it’ll show Ricardo and show his picture to show his email will show his LinkedIn shows that were connected it shows me his twitter it shows me I can add into my circle his skype he commented on one of my videos shows me a lot of information about him at a quick clients instead of seeing the acts so super helpful especially when you’re dealing with people who you have no idea where they are in their; email on my second power tip is use the tabs so if you’re back on your inbox you may have known as a mail out of the whole bunch of different tabs to the top, for the most part, i deleted all of them and just kept one.

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I chose far as we can keep whichever one you want and why ;I kept it here is to have to major in boxes one where everything goes and in the tab the top of the form I put all my important emails, so these are the ones from my family here is my dad from people on my team from key suppliers from media from big customers . I do this so that when I checked my email in the morning,

i only check; my forms tab I just check it here to see what important emails of coming from the VIPs back to you can also set it on your Gmail app for your; phone or your tablet to look only at that top. It’s an easy way to sort through your emails if I wanted to add somebody in so here’s a google plus hangouts.

I always wanted to have that go to forums I could drag it in and then this little rule here do this for future messages i always click yes so any new Google Hangout what automatically appear in here as well so here’s the one and any future ones who automatically appear here as well so that’s how; I created these custom rules to have the VIPs go to my forms tab power tip number three is used boomerang if you’ve ever found that you wanted to;

send an email but not having to stand out right away you want to send it tomorrow or the next week as a reminder or you just didn’t want to hear back from that person too soon so you wanted to lay the email going out you can use Boomerang so if I click on an email here back to Ricardo.

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I could do a reply and then with boomerang installed you can send later so i could say Thank You Ricardo. I can click send later and then pick a time where i want this message to go out it could be an hour two hours four hours tomorrow afternoon or morning a week a month a specific time you can make it recurring so that it sends every week if you wanted to so if you want to nag somebody remind them will remind yourself you can send a recorded message the other thing that lets you do is it will return the message to you as an option if you haven’t heard back from that person .

you want to make sure that people are reading what you’re writing then you can see boomerang this in two days to load this up so the large me into my boomerang count and then basically if I send this email to Ricardo and he doesn’t respond to me within whatever time set I want to put in then it will send it back to my inbox as in touch with Ricardo to get this it’s free for ;certain number of emails and you just go to boomerang gmail.com my power tip number four is use labels and filters,


so labels are like folders; if you used to outlook labels are your folders that appeared on the side here and what i use the filters for are basically rules that ; help you figure out which email should go to which labels which folders and what I really like using this for is if I get a lot of emails that are built in certain topic that I already have enough emails coming in here.

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i need on the side here I a junkie is sales of my online products that i could go in and see what; the most recent sales are desk our notifications from my dad probably have been billed or updates and modifications that need to get through and so I step automatic rules that they skipped my inbox and then go to a specific folder so that when I’m ready to look at them I can just go in and look at them to access it ;I need to move my screen over little bit :

you guys can see you got to go to the Settings button; and at the top there are labels and filters so labels are all the different labels that you want to create so there are some that automatically show them or hide them by default and then I’ve created these .I have a marquee junkie fiber Gretchen Monday Social authors Aweber I’ve got; then if you go to the filters and lets you set up the rules so I can find the e-junkie one as an example so here anything that comes from notifications at a junkie com I apply the label each uni, and have; it skip the inbox,

7 GMail Power Tips

it doesn’t fill out my inbox but it goes on like to the folder, and I could check it out whenever I want super- helpful time-saving and helps keep things organized my power to number five is used forwarding and forwarding allows you to send emails of a particular; kind you set up a rule that then it’s forwarded to somebody else into a different email address .

There’s something that you always send it to somebody on your team that you want them always to see instead of having to do it manually can automatically go to ;them first to do it you have to set up forwarding to go to the forward in; time at the top this is again under the settings, and you have to be approved to be able to four messages so these are a few of the people on my team that I’ve set up so I can send emails to them.

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We’ll send them a notification to say hey Evan wants to be able to; forward emails to you yes or no and they approve then once they’ve approved you can go to the filters and you can find different forwards on so you create a rule to say you this comes from whatever email address it; automatically gets delivered to this person so here’s something that’s going this is a media release.

I’d also go to it these and the Justin r which test one these were marketing test that; i got and this would forward to Maria who is doing marketing for me and so any emails that are coming in regularly that you know you; just want to forward to somebody else you can set that up so what happens my number six tip automatically is auto advance.

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