12 Ways to Make Money Over the Summer :Fast Earn Dollar:

Hi, guys, i am back and today’s video is going to be 12 ways that you :

can make money during the summer so maybe it’s that your home from college and you want something to do during the summer maybe you’re in high school trying to make a little extra money.

Maybe you are a grown adult trying to get in some extra cash well whatever it is I’m just going to tell; you some ways you can do that so that hopefully this helps you out and help ;

you make a little extra money,Make Money Over the Summer so number one is to sell your clothes on vintage.

Offended are a website and an app where you can list your clothes, and put them into certain categories, and people; will find them that way and this is my most successful like online sales type of thing.

Ways to Make Money Over the Summer
i did sell 10 things on there which is really cool i like about midget is it’s not just high end stuff it’s not just designer brands like kind of like postmark and other clothing resale;

Make money in summer

sites focus on it’s more of just like every day stuff i sell you know stuff i got at Macy’s forever 21 all that and that’s what most of us have ;

So it’s really cool and I love that about this app this is the app it just shows you want two categories you can shopping and whatnot the second;

way to make money is to join a survey panel so you guys totally;h eard of these before there’s tons of them like opinion outpost and things like that but i personally am part of pinecone research and they pay three dollars per project .

Like on the bigger surveys sometimes they’ll have you do smaller ones just that you stay in the program and they’re not like worth value but on the bigger”

projects that you pay three dollars per project you can redeem it for online gift cards; cash online and debit cards and all that kind of stuff another thing about this that.

make money online in best session

Make dollar in summer session

I should warn you that it’s not like they’re sending you projects; every single day they only send them periodically ; it’s not like you can make a decent job out of this if you don’t mean but three;

dollars for about 15 or 20 minute survey” that would be like nine dollars an hour kind of evens out to minimum wage if you think about it so I think it’s worth it.

Number three is a little bit different, but it’s definitely unique at a used to work for me so well when I was little to make cash in the summers,

but I would totally do it again it’s to set up a drink stand and what I mean by this is it super effortless you just put drinks in a cooler like Gatorade waters especially if you live somewhere hot or if you live so where people are a lot of hiking or biking-

or whatever is live in Colorado on the top of to biking hillsides in the ideal spot we had a little bench outside that they would rest on r and take a drink and I was on the honor system . We trusted people not to steal from us it never really happened actually which was absolutely fantastic.

ways to make money over the summer for 12 year olds

Make Unlimited dollar Just Summer In Fast way

But if you don’t trust people you can obviously stay out there or monitor it better but we just put the jar put the drinks out the end, of the day role in the cooler,

have 20 bucks it was really cool my fourth suggestion is that if you are 18 and over; I’m you can join care com so that’s really cool because you can find babysitting jobs mainly

you can also find housesitting pet-sitting errand running all of that type of stuff it’s a really cool way to pick up some extra gigs and most of the time babysitters Make Money Over the Summer  they won’t pay professionally meaning that it won’t be taxed so you’ll just have; straight cash,

in your pocket really excellent in my area I’m on care.com right now I actually have a job tomorrow soi got a job through this summer which is amazing,

and that’s a super quick and really fun way to bring in some extra cash especially if you love kids like.

easiest way to make money over the summer
I do number five also goes along the lines of a more age requirement thing which I don’t even hit yet but if you’re over if you are 21 and over you can drive for user or laced these are just; if you don’t know what they are there just to services that kind of like a taxi,

but just on the driver’s own time and their apps you know you; just say where you are the uber driver comes gets.

Some advanced way For Earn profit With Easy method
You and takes you to your next destination if you are interested in driving from those you can totally- apply on their website you just have to make sure that we were or lift or both does service in your town they’re; not in every city –

they are in your city it’s definitely worth applying if you’re old enough number six is super quick and it’s not necessarily like making money; but it is getting cash back and you guys have probably heard of it but make sure every; time you shop online Make Money Over the Summer that you use debates –

when you spend money online on they have pretty much –

every website you could think of that works with them but you basically make a percentage back on that purchase and then they’ll send you a check in the mail when you cash it out .

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